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Maths or no maths?

I feel like I’ve had a really productive day today. I woke up at 9.30, had a yummy breakfast of All Bran with chopped Banana on top. Then I went on the computer for a little bit, caught up with bebo/myspace/facebook comments etc, then made plans with Mum to go to the Hub to buy a new sports bra and running shorts for me.
I was sooo happy to get a bra and new shorts. I didn’t have a sports bra at all previously and that made running extremely uncomfortable, also I didn’t have any decent running shorts so it was cool to get some of them.
Once I got home I made myself lunch which was a smoothie with Spinach, Banana, Frozen Blueberries, Pineapple juice and two teaspoons of Spiralina powder. I was a little nervous with this one because I’ve never put Spinach in a smoothie before, but it turned out really great! You could barely taste the spinach and it just tasted really nicely of pineapple 🙂
I also had a slice of bread with a little bit of peanut butter on it, folded in half as a sandwich for pre-run fuel. I waited half an hour after I’d finished eating to wait for my food to settle, and then off I went on my 5k!
I got to test out my new sports wear, and I have to say, I am 100% satisfied with how they worked for me. The shorts were brilliant, and I can’t express how great it was to run with a bra that has good support.
I ran harder and faster than I’ve ever run before in my life because I’m speed-training. I was STUFFED by the end, but it was totally worth it 🙂 I really enjoyed it.
It’s cross-country on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll get a better place than 6th or 5th to LAST like I have over the majority of my life haha.
My time was 38 minutes, that still seems like a lot since my goal is to run 5k in under 25 minutes, but I knocked TWELVE minutes off my usual time! SA-WEET! That is such a great achievement for me and I’m so proud that I accomplished that.
I stretched and did a bit of yoga once I got home, but I don’t think it helped much, my legs are quite stiff at the moment.
I chilled out, listening to some music for about an hour and then sat back and watched Gossip Girl, in the ads I made afternoon tea which was a small tub of fruit yoghurt and once slice of toast with two slices of edam cheese and tomato on top, YUMMAH ^.^

Anyway, so once Gossip Girl finished, I got a phone call from a very old family friend who I haven’t spoken to in months, she’s a really good friend of my Mum’s and I’ve known her for my entire life. She rang to speak to me about the fact that I’m not taking maths next year, because she herself is a teacher and understands the importance of keeping your options open, so now I’m thinking about maybe taking maths instead of Physics… just to be safe.
I’ll speak to Miss Deely, the year 11 dean tomorrow about it. I’m really starting to come around to the idea of keeping maths next year. I don’t wanna destroy my future before it’s even begun… well not so much “destroy” but make it considerably more difficult than it needs to be.

peace and love.

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