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Interval training.. ugghhh

Since we’re doing a P.E module at the moment in Health, it calls for outdoor activity obviously, and I couldn’t be happier! There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting outside and being active,  but MAN, today we did a fitness/cardio activity, and far out, it was HARD! I’m trained as a long distance runner, which means when I run I start out slow and gradually build up to a fast, steady pace. So when we do sprints, after about two, I burn out.
I hate sprints.
Something I did notice though, is that by the 8th round, I was still able to sprint as hard as I had during the first, whereas the rest of my group had slowed significantly.
I’m fitter than I thought 🙂 So even though I was lagging behind for the first few rounds, it paid off in the end.
I really should do more interval training, it’s so good for fitness, It would be highly beneficial for me.
Usually I do half an hour of interval training, I make a 30 minute playlist for my ipod and for each song I do a different action. So for example, for one song I would jog, the next song I would skip (with a jump rope), the next song I would walk and the next song I would sprint.
But I rarely do it because it’s so tiring. I think I’ll change things up though, I’ll go to the park instead and sprint/run fast around a lap of the field, then walk one the sprint one etc.
I prefer to be in open spaces, I usually do interval training on my tennis court.
Mum lent me a book called “Deliciously Natural”, and it’s a bit of a family heirloom, my Grandma bought it for mum for her 24th birthday when they were both hard out marathon runners, Mum said that that book helped her IMMENSELY, and when she followed the guidelines she said she had so much energy, she was able to knock several minutes off her running times!
So I’ve been reading up to help me learn new ways of eating and staying healthy. So a new and improved diet, combined with some serious, regular interval training should help me reach my goal of 5k in 25 minutes or less :]

Makes me excited just thinking about it!!

Something I truly HATE with a passion, is being hungry. Argh it’s such an awful, frustrating sensation! Usually, I pack a really decent lunch for school, have a huge breakfast and balance my food out well so I’m full most of the time and don’t get hungry, but today was awful.
I completely underestimated the amount of food I would need to re-fuel after P.E and I got SO hungry, I was really upset and grumpy for the afternoon.
Being hungry sucks because you can’t concentrate, it’s hard to function properly without adequate energy, and it especially sucks at high school because you can’t do anything about it! Since you’re responsible for packing your own lunch, if you don’t bring enough, tough shit!
I also hate that they don’t allow us to snack during class. By “snack”, I don’t mean eating a sandwich, cup o soup and various fruits, I mean little things like bags of nuts, crackers and muesli bars to help us re-fuel when we start to lag.
I hate skipping meals too because it’s so bad for your body and makes your body GAIN weight during short periods of time, and I like my body to have a healthy, balanced metabolism and meals! So today I was seriously pissed off.

I’m a little irritated because I pulled a few muscles today from sprints because the teacher never offered us the chance to stretch afterwards -_-
I plan to do 15minutes or so of yoga tonight though because it’s my “rest” day, so hopefully that’ll ease some discomfort.

I have a super busy night filled with meal-planning and studying, so I’m outties.

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