Up and out!… With cuts and grazes.

September 22, 2009 at 6:01 am 1 comment

Wow… today has definitely been an interesting day… This stupid b*tch with a nasty attitude problem who’s a year younger than me, smashed a window on me at the end of Lunchtime. I was lent up against the window and she punched the glass and it smashed all over me, I got glass EVERYWHERE. All down my shirt, in my bra, down my back, in my collar, in my hair. I have several little cuts on my neck and back now, not to mention my hands which had glass sticking out of them.
Obviously, there was quite a crowd that gathered outside the window in excitement, and me, not really giving a sh*t that they were there, just wanted to get the glass off so I stripped in front of all of them lol. It only registered to me when I was in the sick bay that there had been pretty much half the male population of the school watching me strip to my bra. Oh well, like I always say: Everyone loves naked b*tches. It doesn’t bother me, I’ve never been shy with that sort of thing.
They’ll get over it.
Anyway, it took AGES to get all the glass off, I changed my top to my P.E shirt which I luckily had with me in my bag (reason why I took my top off), and I still had microscopic little shards stuck in my skin which hurt like a bitch and required a shower to fully remove.
I WAS TOTALLY PISSED. Seriously, I have never wanted to punch someone so bad in my life. I wanted to do two things, 1. Punch her as hard as I could in the face, and 2. Curl up in the arms of a particular person and CRY!
I did neither.
I didn’t hit her because I know better than that, she’s a crazy b*tch and would’ve totally kicked my ass and because I would’ve gotten in heaps of trouble and I didn’t want anymore drama than necessary because I knew there would be some as a result. And I didn’t cry because that’s stupid and sissy in that situation and I had a feeling that that certain person wouldn’t be very interested in comforting me, which would’ve made me feel worse.
Haylie went with me to the sickbay to clean the glass out of my skin and wait with me while the DP came and spoke to me about what happened. I went home early and completely missed 5th period so I could go home and shower to wash my hair and remove any excess glass.
The thing I hate the most, is knowing that people will be gossiping about it now, the fact that there was a broken window and that I took my top off in front of heaps of people, which to me is no big deal. I HATE being the topic of gossip.  It’s so primary school.

Anyway, I’m moving on from that now, that girl will get in trouble and my life will continue as normal with a few extra healing cuts. 
It’s all made easier to get over because I have the knowledge that in one short year, I will be finishing high school forever to go to Wintec in Hamilton and do a three year Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, and then once I’m finished, do a one year Diploma in Journalism. EXCITING STUFF!!
Possibly the most exciting factor about all this, is knowing that I’ll be finished with stupid high school drama. I feel like I’ve outgrown high school, not in the sense of work and level of difficulty, but the shit that goes on, the drama and constant issues and just general immaturity. Today’s little demonstration is a perfect example of it all, and I feel as though it’s all so beneath me. I’m so ready for new and exciting things, independence and maturity. A real chance to live life and enjoy it.
Also, at the risk of contradicting myself and sounding immature, I’m so excited to be leaving behind people who have created havoc in my life and caused my life to feel like hell. There are so many people that I’m so relieved I will never have to see again in my life.
My life without them in it, seems absolutely blissful! There are no words to describe the level of stress that will be removed from my shoulders. I’m so ready to move on and leave the past behind. 2011 is when my life will truly begin 🙂

I can hardly wait.

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Productive Sunday. Braving the pouring rain and freezing cold in running shoes, shorts, my anorak and Ipod!

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  • 1. Order Of CHAOS  |  September 22, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Thats sooo sucks. What little idiot did that??

    Full me in at school so I can be mean to the
    little bitch 🙂


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