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Braving the pouring rain and freezing cold in running shoes, shorts, my anorak and Ipod!

Today I just proved the ultimate test of dedication… I hadn’t been for a run in 2 days and I was dying to get out an go, but it was absolutely FREEZING outside and pouring bucketloads of rain. I decided to suck it up and get out and go anyway. I was definitely motivated by Caitlin’s blogposts on running in less-than-desirable conditions on her blog (which is an awesome blog by the way, I strongly recommend you check it out).
So I borrowed my mothers new red Anorak (second hand), put on my tiny running shorts, laced up my running shoes and off I went! 
WELL, let me tell you..
I. Got. WET. That anorak was most definitely NOT water proof, I felt like I was running through a constant full-force shower! I was able to wring-out my running shorts at the end haha and my shoes had a pond in each. When I was running, I originally tried to avoid puddles because I wanted to reduce wet-feet as much as possible, and I was going pretty well till I got about 1.5k’s in and I stepped in what I thought was a very shallow and safe puddle, and actually ended up being a good 2 inches deep. Good stuff lol.
So for the rest of the 5k I gave up caring, despite the fact that the amount of water was so great that it felt like I was running with weights attached to my ankles.
Nevertheless, I ran the fastest 5k I have ever run before! I clocked it in 33 minutes!! That’s a new PR! I was so so happy. I’m not entirely sure what caused my huge boost of energy so I was able to knock so much time off, It could’ve been a number of things:

1. Super-food sushi for lunch
2. Day days rest from any intense exercise
3. A good 11 hours of sleep last night
4. Freezing my butt off and dripping from head to toe with water and just wanting to get home.

Hmmm, probably a combination of all four I’d say?
Either way, I was very VERY pleased, and that just made it more worthwhile having run in such icky conditions.
I find that if I rest for longer than 2 days, I tend to lose motivation, so I try not to go more than two days without running because I forget what the endorphins feel like and I get just a little too comfortable with being lazy, which isn’t good.
I think that by setting long-term fitness goals though, that will help me stay motivated to keep running.
Once I got back from running, I removed all my wet clothing, stretched in front of the nice warm fire, showered, then did some weights to help strengthen my arms. I just used a 1kg today.

Oh! Something I’ve forgotten to mention thus far, I found out some wonderful news yesterday which completely lightened my mood considering that I had a really terrible day and I was generally miserable the entire time.
I made it into Year 12 P.E Elite!!!
I can’t believe I did it! Considering I didn’t take P.E this year, I am so lucky to have been academically successful enough to prove that I am capable.
Ms Dobben, the Head Of Department for P.E said that she felt I was well capable and that the motivation was there and she expects me to do well. I was so proud that she has that level of faith in me as an athlete, that that alone is enough to keep me going.
I couldn’t thank her enough.

P.E Elite will offer so many opportunities in sport which will be so beneficial to me and will also look fantastic on my application to Wintec in November of next year.
An example of and awesome opportunity we’re offered is a two day Ski Trip! I love skiing and I haven’t been in four years! Next year will make that five, so I’m so excited at the prospect of being able to attend that.

Anyway, I just sent an email to the local newspaper, the Whakatane Beacon, asking them to consider the possibility of letting me write an entertainment article for them. I feel I’m capable and I outlined the reasons why I thought I would be good for the job.
I was inspired to do this after reading one of the blog posts from HealthyTippingPoint about being afraid to ask for things.
I found it really thought-provoking, and instantly decided that I was going to do something I’ve been meaning to do for months, request permission to write an article for the local newspaper.
I would love the experience and the exposure it would give me, also the pride I would get from knowing I am good enough to have my work published locally.
That’s a step in the right direction towards my ultimate goal of being a healthy eating/fitness blogger and journalist.

Lastly, eats for today included:
Homemade raw Granola and Milk for breakfast with a coffee (of course!),
Walnuts and Almonds plus and Apple for Interval
Marmite on Wholegrain bread, an Apple and four pieces of AWESOME sushi for lunch
and Lean beef with brown rice and peanut sauce for dinner.
nom nom nom!
Goodnight everybody. x

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