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10k, here I come!

First day of the school holidays today, doesn’t even feel like it really.. There’s so much to do these holidays that is school related, that it doesn’t even feel like a holiday! I’ve got to study for at least 30 minutes everyday to prepare for exams, I’m running A LOT more lately and I’m concentrating on speed and distance training, I’m trying to get my blog off the ground (will hopefully have a camera soon!) and I’m traveling a lot with my Mumma.

Today I’m very excited because I’ll be running my first 10k! That the furtherest I have ever run and I can’t wait to see how I go. My guess is that today it should take me around 1 hour, 10 minutes because I’ll be going very very slow like yesterday. Since I’ve never run that distance before, I don’t know how I’ll need to pace myself for it. I want to go slow so I can make sure that I can finish the whole thing actually RUNNING, and not burn out 6 k’s in.

I’m about to map out my run, so I’m very excited. I’m wondering if I should perhaps bring  a little snack and a water bottle? I’ll be running for over an hour, so maybe it would do me some good to have that there. There is truly nothing I hate more than getting hungry when I’m out running. It’s such an awful feeling and I physically cannot continue without food. It totally ruins the workout.

I woke up naturally at 6.30 this morning! That’s insane! It’s good though, If I can maintain an early body clock, then I won’t have an issue when I go back to school when the holidays have finished.

I must say, I’m a tad nervous about how my knees will go on this long run… Yesterday when I was coming to the end of my 7k, throughout the last Kilometer, I was in MASSIVE PAIN! I almost couldn’t finish. Hopefully that won’t be TOO much of an issue today..

I plan to try some of Caitlin from‘s tips for muscle exercises to help prevent knee pain since she suffers the same thing:

Any ideas on healthy snacks and treats I can take on runs when I need to refuel?

I’ll post a blog of the 10k recap later! 🙂

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Holidays are here!

Today on the last day of term, it occurred to me how enormously unhappy school makes me. The reason for this is purely because of the people.
There are so many people who are just unpleasant, disruptive and unmotivated.
They care for nobody but themselves and spend the majority of the time that should be spent learning, acting like complete douchebags, convinced that they’re absolutely hilarious.
I’ve failed two practice exams because of this disruptive behaviour because they were Aural exams and I was unable to focus and LISTEN. They fail to comply to common exam etiquette and so we all pay the price.
This does not make for a very pleasant high school experience, especially since HS is stressful enough without extra distractions.
It’s so difficult to concentrate and focus on achieving excellence when the teacher is too busy shouting in their ear and directing their focus at trying to control these stupid people, their teacher efforts are wasted and cancelled out by the fact that they can’t reinforce them and go over it all properly with us.


Especially sine next year it gets serious. The subjects I’m taking are English Excellence, Math Combo, Biology, Chemistry, P.E Elite and Health. It’s so important for me to do well in these subjects because they are required for the course I plan to take at uni.
By the way, I had an appointment with the school Careers Advisor this morning and we went over all my plans, subjects and future goals and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d be better off to stay at school for year 13 for four reasons:

1. So I don’t get a shock with the huge step up from level 2 to course work.
2. So I can go further with the subjects I’m taking and gain extra knowledge that will be of use to me for my course
3. To increase the chances of being accepted to any institution I choose to apply for
and 4. To gain university entrance to have something to fall back on.

I have however decided that perhaps university would be a better option for me because after researching the course outlines etc, Massey University seems to be a better choice than Wintec.
anyway, back to where I was…

I want to do a 3 year Bachelor in Sport and Exercise and after that do a post-graduate degree in Journalism. This is so I can be a fitness and health blogger/journalist. I think a University rather than polytech would be a better choice simply to broaden my horizons in my particular area of study.
I want to get the most out of my money and determination.

Only thing in my way is the stupid people who are disturbing my focus! It’s ridiculous!!! and UNFAIR.

On a more positive note, it was the last day of school term today and I ran 7k’s! Today our percussion group performed in full school assembly. We were so nervous!!! But we had an awesome time and everyone loved it 🙂 There were a few mistakes here and there, but it sounded MINT overall, and that’s all that matters.
Afterwards we all went back into the music room and had a MEEAANNN feed! We had chocolate, chocolate biscuits, fizzy drink, chips, chocolate fish, shapes, crackers, lollies… ugh EVERYTHING! I ate so much chocolate haha, it’s my secret weakness. I felt so sick after though, that’s the most fat and sugar my body has had in one single sitting in months, and I felt sick for two whole periods. 
It was heaps of fun though and I’ve become rather attached to my fellow bucket-drummers 🙂

anyway, the chocolate binge is was motivated me to consider running 2k’s longer than I usually do. Once again it was miserable and raining but I went anyway. I took it reealllyyy slow because since I haven’t run 7k’s in months, I can’t remember how I pace myself, so I took it really slow so I wouldn’t burn out. It took me about 50 minutes which is SHAMEFUL, but I realized that I’m fully able to speed it up because once I got home I felt like I’d only run 5k. The biggest issue was my right knee, during the last k home it was SO sore. I almost couldn’t finish because it hurt so bad. I’m really going to have to do something about that so it doesn’t get worse. I plan to book a physiotherapy appointment and start going to the gym to strengthen my thigh muscles to help stop the pain. 
Once I got home I iced my knees for 15 minutes which felt AMAZING, and did my arm weights. My arms are getting super buff and I love it 🙂
I’ve decided that I’m going use my 5k run’s as speed training, just run as hard as I can the whole way, and do some distance training on other days, which will be (obviously) extending my distance. Tomorrow I plan to run 10k’s and then on Sunday I’ll rest and Monday I’ll do a 5k. Maybe I’ll drop even more minutes off my time and be within the 20-30 minute range??? that. would. be. SWEET!

Well, as I mentioned in the title, the holidays are here! and I’m really excited 🙂 These holidays I plan to:
Run, blog, study, travel, socialize and weight lift haha.
There are some people that I can’t wait to spend some seriously good time with.
Nothing like time with loved ones 🙂

Anyway, it’s 8pm and I’m exhausted. I think i’ll go to bed.

What are your holiday plans? What’s your favourite way to exercise, if at all?

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