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New 5k PR! :)

I’m really excited because today I broke my 5k PR (Personal Record)! Only by a minute, but everything counts. I don’t believe in minimizing achievements. My old PR was 34 minutes, something, and my new one was 33:10:7 (I timed it properly this time). I was pretty darn happy to get back. I was SO exhausted by the end because I made the mistake of starting out too fast because I was so enthusiastic about breaking my PR, and so as a result I started to burn out around the 3rd K. Seriously, all I wanted to do was stop and walk, but I HATE stopping to walk. I feel like I’ve let myself down and completely failed if I start to walk when I’m out running, so I just pushed through as best I could. I was red faced, sweaty, stiff and sore by time I got back. I’ve never been so grateful to get home and be able to stretch it out!

Next time when I do it I’ll start out slower and then completely let loose about 2K’s in, that way hopefully I should be able to cut another minute off my time.

Today I tried out Powerade Isotonic powder for the first time. Before my run I mixed one scoop of the powder with 250ml of water (as advised). I wanted to try it so I could feel reassured that I was adequately hydrated. I am SO glad I did this. I don’t think I would have been able to push through the last 2Ks of my run if I hadn’t had this before I left. I definitely think it gave me an energy boost, and for the first time EVER when I’ve been out running, I didn’t feel like I was starting to get dehydrated. I had another glass when I got back for quick rehydration because I have a bad habit of forgetting to rehydrate properly. It’s awesome stuff! I feel heaps better now after my run than I usually do. It truly is incredibly important to make sure you stay well-hydrated. I’ve also stopped drinking two cups of coffee a day. That stuff just wasn’t working for me :/

Tomorrow I think I’ll run a 10k again. The weather really is not on my side these days! This last WEEK when I have been running, it’s been pouring, but I went anyway. I don’t actually mind running in the rain, I think it tends to make me run faster for some reason and I don’t get overheated, so it’s alright. My biggest concern is actually my Ipod, I don’t want it to get damaged. But Caitlin at gave me a suggestion to put it in a Ziploc bag to keep it dry, so I think I’ll give that a shot. Yesterday the weather was beautiful!! But go figure it was on my REST day 😦 Today it rained again. Just my luck. Oh well, a little rain never hurt anyone I guess.

Last night we had an awesome BBQ up at Granddad’s, because we had some Scottish relatives fly over to visit. I hadn’t met them before so it was cool to have a catch up. Mum made this AMAZING Asian Salad which I filled half my plate with. I made some Kumara and Potato fries with an improvised recipe. I was quite proud because they turned out really good 🙂

I had Salad, my Fries and some Venison, but I only had two bites of the meat, I just ate the salad and chips 😀

I’m going to go ring Karla now and see if she wants to watch some movies. I swear she has a bigger DVD collection than the DVD shop lol. It seems like the kinda day for DVD’s 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!

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