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Woman I admire.

As promised, I’m posting a blog about the woman in the world who inspire and motivate me to be a better, healthier person. There are really only 4 major people, so I’ll list them and explain why 🙂

1. Tyra Banks.
This woman is crazy!! But I absolutely love it 🙂 She is so passionate about making woman feel comfortable in their own skin, she addresses issues in society that are serious but everyone’s been too afraid to talk about. She is such a strong, powerful woman, I owe so much of my health and happiness to her because she has empowered me.

2. Caitlin Boyle from healthytippingpoint.
I’ve got to admit, I wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR as passionate about running and healthy eating if it weren’t for her and her fantastic blog. If ever I don’t feel like getting off my ass and going for a run, I just read her blog. Honestly. After that, I can’t wait to lace up my shoes and pound the pavement! She motivates me in such a big way to be a good person, living a healthy lifestyle. Also because she is the founder of Operation Beautiful which is such an amazing thing, and as stated in my previous post, helped me to find peace with myself. Caitlin has helped me in so many ways. She’s such an inspiration!

3. Jillian Michaels.
God this woman is amazing. She is the equivalent of god to me. She knows her shit and she knows how to tell it to you straight. She’s an excellent personal trainer, and with her you’re guaranteed to get great results. Also, she’s friendly and lively and has made it so far in her life from being an obese teenager. She is where I want to be in 10 years. She is a badass!!!

4. My Grandmother.
She was truly INCREDIBLE! At 50, she ran a marathon (26 miles) in 3 AND A HALF HOURS!!! That’s an average of 8 minute miles THE WHOLE WAY. She was such a trooper and so dedicated to her running. But as well as that, she was a lovely, beautiful person. Everybody loved her and thought she was amazing. She conducted the Edgecumb choir and taught piano lessons, so not only was she a kick ass runner, but she was insanely gifted with music to. Unfortunately she passed away from Breast Cancer 9 years ago.. But that has motivated me to live the healthy, vibrant, exciting life that she was unable to finish living. To carry on her legacy and make her PROUD of me. It’s dreadful that such terrible things happen to such beautiful people, but it’s all about resilience. One of my life goals also is to raise money for the breast cancer foundation by running. When I run my first marathon, it will be for her.

5. My mother.
My mother has raised me in such a way that I am so grateful. She has always been there for me and forever shows me 110% faith in me and love. When my dad walked out on us when I was 3, she was a single parent, having to work nightshift as a nurse at the hospital to get paid extra, then come home and take care of me through the day, so she was getting minimal sleep, just to support us. She’s always been so dedicated to our family and my whole life, she has taught me important lessons, made me appreciate everything I have, and has kept me grounded. She too was a marathon runner, and is so helpful to me with my running, it makes me even more enthusiastic and keen to get out there and go for it. I owe everything to my Mum xoxoxo.

And that’s it 🙂 Those are the 5 woman who I really, truly admire.
Who inspires you in life? Leave a comment listing them and why 🙂

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Body Confidence.

I told you a while ago that I planned to do a blog post about “Body Confidence“, and here it is!

I was motivated to do this after two things; first one was reading Meghann’s blog ( where she was talking about how she found confidence in her body when she posted pictures of her looking gorgeous on a cruise in a bikini. And secondly was after watching the Tyra show this morning. It was Season 4, episode 1 and it was all about how woman view themselves, and how so many woman struggle to achieve body confidence.

Now, I’m actually really happy with my body at the moment, and for the first time in my life I feel confident and love my body the way it is. But let me tell you… it did NOT come easily.

It took years before I was able to feel this way, and there were some things that really helped and I’m going to share those with you.

Firstly, I stopped bitching about feeling fat and disgusting, and wishing I was toned, athletic, healthier etc etc etc. I got off my ass and started running. From the first time I went I felt better about myself, because when you run it feels really satisfying because you feel as though you’ve accomplished something.

Secondly, I threw out all the clothes I owned that were yucky, unflattering, “fat” clothes, or clothes that just generally were not good for my body shape. Because even though they look great in the store, they looked wretched on me.
Clothes like this that I didn’t throw out, I altered. For example, there was a pair of “skinny” jeans that I owned, that even though I wore frequently, I HATED because of how ill-fitting they were. When I first bought them, I was tubby enough to fit in to them, and then as my weight fluctuated, it was just not a pretty sight. I cut them to just above the knee and I loved them. Then as I started running, they began to get loose again and so yesterday I altered them again, I made them short shorts because I don’t own a single pair of Jean short shorts, and because now I’m finally comfortable enough in myself to wear short shorts 🙂

Thirdly, I found Operation Beautiful. From the moment I read the first post-it on this site, I had fallen in love with the idea. Caitlin from HealthyTippingPoint is the creator, and she made it her personal mission to eliminate “fat talk”. The idea is to post a little note in a public place with something as “You are beautiful!” on it for other woman to see. It such a fantastic movement, and truly makes you feel beautiful just by reading the notes. I went on my own little posting rampage, I posted them around town and at school, but also posted a few in my bedroom for me to see when I’m feeling down 🙂

Another thing that I find helpful, is to write down everything that you like about yourself. All your positive aspects. For example, with me, I love my arms because they’re toned from me taking care of them, weight lifting + yoga and by using sunblock in summer to keep my skin safe. They’re strong and I couldn’t function without them. I also love my legs. They’re strong and carry me through my runs, they help me get from place to place by walking and biking. They’ll help me run my first marathon. They’re muscular and curvaceous and I think they’re great 🙂 Now, as Meghann says, how many models can say that about their legs??

When you recognize things about yourself that are positive, it really helps you to appreciate what you have. Instead of picking out all the NEGATIVE things, pick out the positive! You’ll be smiling away in no time 🙂

Also, write a list of things about your personality that are great. For example: I’m a loyal friend, I’m a great daughter/mother/sister etc, I’m dedicated and committed, I’m determined, etc etc etc. It’s great to recognize traits about you that make you beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. BE the beholder!

Surround yourself with other positive people. If you socialize with negative people, you will be negative. If you socialize with positive people, you will be positive! I know which I’d rather be!

If you’re a parent, I strongly advise that you do not let your kids see that you’re self-conscious with body confidence issues. If your children see that then they will pick that up and start to feel bad about themselves too because they’re around negativity all the time. As a parent, you are the greatest influence upon your child, and they will pick up EVERYTHING. Like mother, like daughter. Don’t get your child into the habit of self-hate. It’s like a bad disease that’s extremely hard to rid yourself of. Show them that you know you’re beautiful! Show them happiness! 🙂

If you feel badly about your body and you feel “fat” or whatever, try going for a short run. Or even going to a low-key exercise class at the gym. Anything is better than nothing, and trust me, nothing beats the endorphins you get after having a good sweat with a good workout 🙂 It is an instant way to feel better about yourself. It’s so satisfying to feel like you’ve accomplished something, and that you’re doing something good for your body. If running isn’t for you, try something else like tennis, or volleyball, or swimming. I believe there is the perfect type of exercise out there for everybody, you might just have to do a bit of investigating into which is for you 🙂

If you set a goal to work towards, for example, to run 10k’s within two months, it’s always easier to stay motivated because you have a solid reason to get out there, and you’ll probably feel a bit stink if you fail to achieve your goal.

By making gradual changes to your lifestyle, for example, cutting out the bowl of ice cream you’d eat daily after dinner, or walking to work/school instead of driving, you’re helping build the bigger picture. it’s not a quick fix like “lose 10kg’s by thursday!” that’s usually short term, if you wanna make long term changes to your lifestyle to increase your health and body confidence, it’s the small steps that count.

If you’re having a particularly nasty “fat” day, do something nice for yourself like get your hair styled, cut or dyed, or all three! Or maybe a massage, or even just get a friend over for a coffee and catch up. Something that makes you feel happy and better about yourself.

Something that is SO important to remember, is that the models + celebrities in magazines and on tv, they have an entire TEAM of professionals to spend literally hours, doing their hair and make up and pick out their clothes for them. They do NOT do it themselves, it’s all done for them by highly paid professionals and they’re all airbrushed. It’s very very unrealistic to wish to look like them. Also, remember that they have their body hang-ups to. They would never say that they thought they were a 10 out of 10. Chances are, they think they’re fat and ugly. Which is terrible, but you mustn’t buy into the illusion that they’re perfect and live perfect lives and that if you were them, you’d be happy forever. It’s not true.

If all else fails, I always find positive mantras/affirmations and quotes never fail to lift my mood 🙂 check out my blog post here for more information on that.

Anyway, this post has been long enough! I hope it was satisfactory enough 🙂 please comment with your opinion, your body confidence stories or anything else you might want to say 🙂 I will post another blog later about woman who I admire that inspire me.


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