“October Ab Challenge” Day 2 + new challenge for next month…?

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I’m sorrryyy, it’s taken me so long to write this post, and I’ll be writing for yesterday as well.

Well I woke up yesterday morning in MAJOR PAIN! I had expected some pain, but not a lot because I had stayed so active on thursday, but nah, my body wasn’t having it. I looked like such an idiot when I went to town with mum because every single muscle group in my entire body was aching, so I couldn’t walk properly, it was more of a “stagger” with a pained facial expression lol. It was hot stuff.

Yesterday I finished cleaning my room, drastic changes. I had removed all the unnecessary furniture so now my room looks huge. I vacuumed the carpet and then cleaned my bathroom. It really needed it! Then I sat down to watch Tyra, since we’re so far behind in New Zealand, it was Season 4, Episode 1 and I was so glad I watched it! It was all about Body Confidence and Body Image and it motivated and inspired me to write my recent post about “Body Confidence” which I have been meaning to write for a few weeks now. Check it out here.

Later, I went in to town with Mum, we returned those terrible running shorts I bought and I got new ones 🙂 I got tight ones this time, they come to just above the knee and I ran in them that afternoon and loved them!

After that we walked a few meters to Rebel Sport because we got a phone call to tell us that my knee sleeve had arrived (because I have a stupid right knee that gets sore when I either run really far and for a really long time and/or when I run really slow). I tried it on and it fit well so we bought it, I was so happy!!! No more running-induced right knee pain for me!!

You know, running is an EXPENSIVE sport! This year we’ve already spent over $200 on gear for me. But the good thing is that once you have it, that’s it, you don’t need anything else. Except, I’m actually really keen to get new running shoes. My New Balance ones that I run in at the moment don’t have enough arch support. I have a freakishly high arch in my foot and my feet get insanely sore sometimes because I don’t have adequate arch support.

We went to Sunny Gyms after that to enquire about memberships + concession cards and whatnot. It’s so expensive 😦 But I think I would make fantastic use of it. I would go to the gym for body pump 3-4 times a week! I’d get so buff if I did that. Mum and I were talking to the guy Kerri who is the receptionist at Sunny Gyms and I told him about my knee problems, he told me I should look in to getting new shoes because that might be a problem, but then he also told me what I already knew, that I need to strengthen my inner quad because my outer quads are stronger and pull my knee cap out when I run. I then told him how SORE I was and he suggested I go for a low-key bike ride or a slow jog, just to get the blood pumping, he said it’d help and I wouldn’t be as sore today.

So I was ok with that, I wanted to try out my new shorts and knee sleeve anyway. The knee sleeve makes it look as though I have a leg-cast on LOL! SEXYYY!! But it was brilliant. I ran a VERY slow 5k’s because I was so so so so SO sore, it took me around 45 minutes (15 minutes longer than when I’m fine). And it helped a little bit, but I was still sore for the rest of that night.

This morning when I woke up, once again — FELT THE PAIN! God, yesterday was bad, but today just killed me. They always say that it’s worse on the second day. I just think about how nasty it would’ve been if I hadn’t gone for a run! :S

I had a light breakfast, it was  a bowl of fruit (one chopped up banana + one chopped up pear) and a handful of almonds. Not much, but that’s what I was craving 🙂
After breakfast I decided to go for a bike ride to loosen up my butt and thighs coz they were burning! I took a bum-bag that carried my cellphone, some tissues, a few almonds in a bag and a small drink bottle. I’m so glad I took it, I was able to have little breaks to have a drink and eat a couple of nuts for fuel. My bike ride lasted around 45-55 minutes and when I got back my legs were like jelly and my tricep muscles were SO SORE I couldn’t extend my arms for around 20 minutes. YOUCHIES!

“October Ab Challenge, Making Abs Fun!” Day 2.
The October Challenge is all about strengthening my abs with a variety of different, easy exercises that I can do at home. It will go for the duration of the month and every 2nd day I will complete one and post an update 🙂

After I had stretched from my run, I completed my Day 2 ab challenge workout. Today I did the “Plank”. I held it for 30 seconds and did 5 reps. Click on the link to view Caitlin’s post when she did the Plank.

It was pretty hard out! But I think I’m actually a bit stronger than I thought and so next time, I’ll go for longer and do more reps because I know I’m capable of it. When I was holding them and it was getting tough, I thought to myself “Jillian Michaels!! Jillians Michaels!! What would Jillian Michaels say??” and instantly I was motivated to get my booty in the air and hold it in that Plank position!

I’ve had plenty of water to drink today to re-hydrate and help muscle pain be reduced.

Lunch was two pieces of wholemeal toast with peanut butter + tomato and the leftover almonds from my bike ride.
I had Sealord Tuna on two Ryvita crackers for an afternoon snack, and I’ve pretty much done nothing for the rest of the day.

I’ll take a rest day tomorrow and possibly monday, I’ll see how my poor body feels lol. It’s begging for a rest, so Ima give it one!

I have a new admiration for Jillian Michaels as you can see, and I have been checking out little previews of her 30 Day Shred” dvd, and let me tell you, I am KEEN to accept the challenge! I’m thinking that when I’ve finished my October Challenge, I’ll set a November one 🙂 I want to be buff and toned for summer and this looks like the perfect way to get there. The only problem is figuring out how to get it in New Zealand….. Oh well, when there’s a will, there’s a way!

Have a fantastic night everybody :]

What’s your favourite way to strength train? Have you ever tried the 30 Day Shred?

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