Torrential Rain + “October Ab Challenge” Day 3.

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I think that if it doesn’t stop raining soon, I’m actually going to lose my mind. We’ve had crappy weather for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. that’s just a ridiculous amount of rain. I’m amazed we haven’t had flooding! And then, on the ONE day it’s beautiful and sunny, the tell us we’re gonna get hit by a Tsunami. Yay. Good stuff.

We’ve seriously had torrential rain for the last 3 days and on-off rain for the rest of the time. WHERE’S THE SUNSHINE GONE??!! Come on people, I live in Whakatane, it’s supposed to be the sunshine capital of new zealand! I DON’T SEE NO SUN!

I’m seriously starting to get Cabin Fever.

But anyway…. forget my grievances on the weather, I could complain for hours. Moving on to more positive things…

I went to the gym today for BodyPump, My Biceps were a tiny bit sore from last time, but once I got the blood pumping all was well. I thoroughly enjoyed the class this time too, though it did seem harder. Oh well, I just kept picturing Jillian Michaels buff body in my head and that was enough motivation to get me lifting those weights with gusto lol.


Check out those rockin’ arms! I love it! πŸ˜€

After 60 minutes of bicep curls, tricep dips, lunges, squats, crunches etc etc etc, my muscles were quivering. But it was a mean workout! I still want the 30 Day Shred, i’d have the buffest arms from it haha.


After my hour of strength training, I went upstairs to get some decent cardio in. I used a treadmill for the first time in my life!! It was strange as, so much different from running outside like I usually do. I liked it though because it tells you how fast your going, what the time is, how many calories you’re burning etc. I burnt 352 calories in 30 mins πŸ™‚ I thought that was pretty sweet. I also liked being able to increase the level as I chose. I decided to sprint the last 2 minutes and it was great!

Walking felt weird though when I got off. My legs hadn’t quite registered that they weren’t on a treadmill anymore and I almost fell over haha. I went and did another 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I hated it, seriously, i hate it every time I do it because it’s BORING. It’s so gay. And it doesn’t burn nearly as many calories. I only burnt 126 in half an hour! I would’ve gone back on the treadmill, but I didn’t because the point of me getting on that stupid bike was to work different muscle groups. And I guess it did the job…

After that, I did something insane… I WALKED HOME IN THE POURING, TORRENTIAL RAIN. It’s ok, I had an umbrella. But still, that’s pretty hard out! lol. I was FREEZING and my feet got drenched, but I did it coz I needed the walk for a warm-down. I was so glad to come home and warm up my hands in front of the fire.

β€œOctober Ab Challenge, Making Abs Fun!” Day 3.
The October Challenge is all about strengthening my abs with a variety of different, easy exercises that I can do at home. It will go for the duration of the month and every 2nd day I will complete one and post an update πŸ™‚

Well we did some hardcore ab work in Body Pump today, so once again, that’s what I did. We did things like push-ups, crunches, knee lifts and a few others which I don’t know the name of. It was harder this time because my poor abs are still sore from last time lol. But it was good. It’s cool to see my stomach toning up even after only a few ab sessions. Can’t wait to see how they’ll look at the end of the month!

Eats for today included:
-Granola with milk and a pear for breakfast
-Left over mac and cheese from last night with a banana for lunch
-A small cup of granola + one piece of bread with marmite for post-workout fuel
-Mince with peas and roast vegetables for dinner
-A banana and peanut butter smoothie.

Anyway, it’s just a short one today, I’ll have more tomorrow as usual πŸ™‚

What do you use for inspiration when you’re lacking motivation during a workout? Do you like rain? or do you hate it like I do?


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