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God, as I was out on my 10k run today, I was about halfway, running down the riverbank trail, and there were three kids on bikes on the same track not far in front of me. I sort of wondered where their parents were or where they were going, but I didn’t think much of it because I was in my running “zone”. Anyway, I got to the track opening and passed the kids playground which is where these kids were headed, then, their parents came past on bikes too. And the thing that annoyed me, was that they weren’t wearing helmets.

This really really irked me because I cannot stress the importance of wearing helmets enough!! They could save your life if you got into an accident! A prime example of that is here. Kelly was run over by a car including her head. The only way she survived that accident is because she had a helmet protecting her head.

I was particularly angry at the parents because parents are a child greatest influence. Kids will copy everything you do! Parents are the example setters, and if kids see parents without helmets, then THEY’LL go without helmets and be in HUGE danger for if they were to be in an accident.

Wearing a helmet is worth looking like a bit of a dick if it means it will save your life. If you’re not prepared to get over what you look like, then you shouldn’t bother riding a bike at all. I ALWAYS wear a helmet. ALWAYS!!! And I hate the fact that I look like an idiot, but I would never ride without a helmet. It’s just not worth the risk. And besides, I’m not going to let what other people think of me affect my choices for a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle includes protecting yourself, which is what helmets do.

So I was really angry to see those parents being so slack and setting such a negative example. They need to be showing children how to be safe and take care of themselves.

Anyways… Moving on from stupid adults…

I ran my 10, nearly 11 kilometer today. By the end I seriously thought I was going to collapse. And once I got inside, I did. On my bedroom floor lol. I was SO exhausted, but it was a great run. Nothing went wrong, I didn’t get rained on, although it was still yuck and cloudy when the forecast said it was supposed to be sunny 😡

I didn’t get any knee-pain! I was really glad because I had expected some. In all of my past 10k’s I’ve gotten some pretty nasty knee-pain, but I had my knee sleeve on today and I was fine 🙂 I’m gonna have some pretty interesting tan-lines for summer lol.

Eats for today included:

– French toast using egg-whites with ground cinnamon. Real maple syrup and sliced Pear on top.
– A small bowl of Granola and some leftover roast veges for dinner for lunch.

Then I went for my run and it’s taken away my appetite, so I’m just drinking up the water now to help stay hydrated.

Have a great evening!!

Do you wear helmets when you ride your bike? Have you ever been in a bike accident?

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