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Got the all clear!!!

Well, today was the day, I had my Doctor appointment. I was rather nervous, I will admit, but I just kept thinking in my head that it would only be a pulled muscle.

I hobbled my way to Kope, a walk that usually takes me 10 minutes maximum, took me over 20 today. SHAMEEE!

I looked so ridiculous too. My hobble was similar to that of a pregnant woman, which was not a good look for a 15 year old.. lol

I got there on time and when I saw her I explained what was going on. She assessed me and asked me all the usual questions, and the concluded to tell me that it was what’s called “Athlete’s Sprain” which is really just a really really REALLY badly pulled muscle that athletes get from using it extremely often. So I was so relieved I almost cried when she told me I’d still be able to run, all I needed was so stretch and do some strength training exercises to strengthen the muscle. I’ll also need to take regular pain relief all this week.

So I am so relieved at the good news, and intend to put it into practice straight away. I went for a slow jog the minute I got home, just an easy 5k, but I must admit, I was in A LOT of pain the entire time and my right leg was a bit off. Not sure why but it just felt really weak.

I made sure to stretch ALL my muscles properly before and after this run. I’m always making sure to stretch to prevent sore muscles.

I got my hair cut too! 🙂 I love it. Just a bit of a trim + getting it thinned out. It’s so much easier to maintain now. I have really deceiving hair because it LOOKS really thin because my hair’s so fine, but there’s so much of it it’s ridiculously thick. ANNOYING! So I’m more than happy with the way it is now. I’ll post some pictures tonight.

I have a race this weekend!! That’s right, my first EVER proper race… Well if you can call a fun run/walk a proper race lol. Nevertheless I’m excited. There are three options of entering the 3k, 5k and 10k. I’ll go for the 5k since it’s my usual and given that I’m recovering from an injury and don’t want to be running any long distances to make it worse just yet.

High School Horrors….

I’m sure you’re all aware of how much I detest high school. It is really awful for me and I find it extremely hard to find the motivation to get out of bed at the crack of dawn and go to school. I really don’t enjoy it and it has been a huge struggle for me the entire time I’ve been here. Well I was talking with a very VERY close friend of mine last night who pointed out that I may be happier at Whakatane High School instead of Trident..

It had never occurred to me to consider transferring schools. I think he may be right to be honest. But switching schools is such a huge thing, and Trident’s all I’ve ever known.

So I guess, I’m just scared of the unknown.

I plan to talk it over more seriously with mum later on today, because I’m so unhappy at school and I’ll do anything to help alleviate that.

Anyways, I must be off to school now… 😥 First proper day back after exam leave. At least we’re only back for about 3 weeks and then it’s over.

Have a great day.

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