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Busy Saturday! With PHOTOS!

Man, today is one seriously busy day. It started out VERY early. Go figure that on the one day I’m allowed to sleep in for as long as I like, I wake up an HOUR AND 20 MINUTES EARLIER THAN USUAL. Yup, I woke up at 5am. Ready for the day.

Seriously. What is up with that??

Anyway, so I got up at like 7.30 after lying there trying to sleep again. I had a YUMMY breakfast of egg in the hole which I’ve been wanting to try for ages after reading about it on Healthy Tipping Point and Beneath It All.

I loved it, and it did a great job of keeping me full for a couple of hours. I had one slice and a banana.

After breakky, Mum, Sam and I went to the Craft Market in Ohope. It was a beautiful day for it today and it was so crowded!


At about 11 I started to get a bit hungry. I ate a very small tester of an oatmeal cookie which was yummy and helped curb my hunger for a little bit longer. Then at 11.20 I couldn’t resist and Mum bought me a small bag of fresh walnuts to snack on.


I was really excited because I’ve been looking for the Stephen King book “Christine” for a long time now and I was kinda hoping I’d find it here since that’s where I found my last Stephen King book– “Rose Madder”. And sure enough, I found it!!

I’ve heard great things about this book, so I’m excited to start reading it. Mum spotted it straight away and we scored it for 2 bucks!


Oh, and aren’t you glad I finally have photos? 🙂 Expect LOTS more from now on. I finally sorted out mum’s camera so it takes great photos now.


We went into town and took my brother to the $2 shop and then came home. I was starving by then and it was 12pm, so I made myself a tasty Sandwich on wholegrain bread with Tomato, Carrot, Lettuce and lite mayonnaise. It was gooood.


Right now I’m switching between watching Transfomers 2 and updating this.

This afternoon is busy, I have to weed the tennis court which should take about an hour, maybe more. We’re going out to Julians Berry Farm for some eats in the afternoon, I have to fit in either a gentle bike ride or a swim, just something low-key and low-intensity. Gotta conserve that energy for my run tomorrow!

I also have to go through my Mock exams and highlight the questions I need help with.

I shall be a busy bee!

Have a great afternoon! 🙂

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School has officially consumed my life.

Yes, as the title states, my life has been taken over by school and studying. After seeing how badly I did on my math and science exams, I am HAULING ASS to do whatever I can to improve those marks. Also in english, I almost got excellence and I know exactly what I need to work on to be able to get there.

I’ve set myself specific targets to study and aim for. I know I can get there, and that’s why I’m putting in the hard yards.

I’ve started getting up half an hour earlier at 6.20 am so I have time to study in the morning, and I’ve given up my lunchtimes for lunchtime math tutorials and soon to be science tutorials if I can fit them in. I’m going to start staying behind for an hour or so after school for Maths as well, plus an hour of study once I get home.

I have never ever been so committed and motivated to achieving well in any kind of exam. I’m proud of myself because I know that if I keep this up, I WILL achieve and I WILL pass those exams with merit or hopefully higher. It’s all about how much you’re willing to put in. As the saying goes: You get out what you put in.

I’ve almost passed level one anyway. I was a little offended today in deans assembly at school when they growled us for only 12 out of the 250 odd students having already gained level one. You need 80 credits to get level one and I have 56, BUT, I have only been offered 60 so even if I had passed everything, I wouldn’t have level one yet!

I was a bit irked for being told off for something I have no control over.

Anyway, my life outside of school?

Running has taken a bit of a break for now… I’m taking a rest day in between runs because my hip isn’t 100% better yet. I think it’s really helping. I’m also doing lots of stretches as the doctor suggested and I’m only doing very slow 5k runs.

I pushed the boundaries today though and decided to do a very intense 35 minute interval training workout.

I had 10 songs on my ipod playlist, the first and last are about 5 minutes long and the first one is for a warm up, the last for a warm down. My warm ups and warm downs are just a slow jog for the duration for the song.

For the rest of the 8 songs, I did something different for each one. Switching between sprints, strength training (lunges and squats whilst holding weights), skipping with a skipping rope, knee-to-chest skipping and jogging.

I love this kind of workout because it’s fun and interesting and makes time go by SO much quicker which is good. Also it targets multiple muscle groups and has a variety of demands which is really good if you want to see quick results and an increase in fitness.

I feel good now, my hips not too bad. I stretched it really well after. My calf muscles are a bit stiff from the skipping rope, but it was a sweet workout and I’ll probably do it again on Monday.

I have a race on Sunday! As mentioned in previous posts. And that’s if you can count a fun run/walk a race lol. Oh well, i’m going just to have fun and get a good workout. Also so I’ll be running with OTHER PEOPLE for once! I always run by myself and it gets lonely after a while.

I’d love to meet people with common interest.

Interval training was a particularly good choice today because lately I have found that with long runs, my legs have been getting extremely sore and tired about 3k’s in, which is NOT good. I’m not sure why but it’s freaking me out. A little interval training is good to strengthen my legs and increase fitness which will hopefully help stop that problem.

If you have any suggestions on that, please leave a comment 🙂

I did something today that I have forgotten to do before all my last few runs…. I put on sunblock!!!! 😀 Yes that’s right, I slathered my arms, face and chest with SPF 45 sunblock.

I was urged to after seeing how quickly I’m tanning up. I never usually tan this early into the season, but baby I am BROWN! I realized that given how often and how long I’m exposed to the sun, I really need to start being more careful with skin care. So from now on, sunblock it is!

I was really grateful too because the sun was beating down on me so hard for the full 35 minutes and for once, I didn’t have to worry and kick myself for not wearing sunblock 🙂 I felt safe and protected.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s up in my life as of right now. I have more to say but I’ll post it all in separate posts so they’re not so long.

Have a fabulous and beautiful, sunny spring evening!

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