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Gorgeous afternoon, yummy eats + my gorgeous kitten!

I’ve had a really really great day 😀 I’ve made as best use of the available sunshine as I can, spending the majority of my time outside. Gotta love it.

I got really sore and grazed fingers from weeding the tennis court though 😦 Took me an hour to do half of it and that was only getting the worst of it. Tomorrow I’ll go back and do the other half.

I have my race tomorrow! Heaps as excited 😀 I went for a 45 minute bike ride this afternoon. I was meant to swim but it was such beautiful weather, I wanted to be outside doing something rather than inside in a pool. Monday perhaps?

We went out to Julians Berry Farm at about 2.50 for some afternoon eats. It was goooood.


(that’s the view from the cruddy bit lol). It was pretty crowded, but I didn’t mind. We got a good table.
I ordered a small mixed berry ice cream in a waffle cone.


And an Oat and Sultana cookie. I also had a Gluten free “Health Treat” biscuit which I forgot to take a photo of. It was pretty average to be honest.


It was alllrriiiight. Better than the gluten free thing. But it was a bit chewy and crumbly for my taste. I was really only eating these biscuits coz they were the cheapest available option to help feed me up since I was huuunngrryy!

Dinner was Meatloaf, potatoes and salad by Mumma. It was so yum. In the photo I had already started digging into my meatloaf and then halfway through remembered to take photos…. oops 😉


I went back for seconds after this, it was that good.

Cutest kitten alive: JAZZ!

Time to meet my baby! Our beautiful kitty-cat Jazz, who we adopted from the SPCA about two months ago.

She is cute and funny and clutzy and good-natured and looks like a possum 🙂

Today was my day to obsess over her and take loads of photos and videos to introduce her to the blogging world! And also just to kill some time… Lol.

Check it outttt:






That’s all for now guys! I’m going to settle in and watch “I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” 😀

Have a wonderful evening!

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