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I baked cookies and they didn’t fail!!

I’m rather excited, because tonight I was hardout craving an Oat and Sultana biscuit, so I decided to take on the challenge of baking some for myself…

You should know that I am a very baking/cooking challenged teenager and the extent of my cooking skills are pan-fried veges and anything to do with eggs lol. So this was a bit scary.

I kept thinking how much trouble I’d get into for wasting ingredients if it failed and I had to throw it all out LOL.

Anyway, I used a recipe I found here.

It took me ages. There was quite a lot to it and there was SO MUCH MIXTURE! It felt like a double mix. Next time I plan to half the amounts of everything. It was just an unnecessary amount of mixture!

It made two trays full. Which is HEAPS. As you can see from the link, there was heaps of sugar in them and butter. I had two once they came out plus heaps of raw batter before it went in. Tasted really good but I felt a bit sick after from so much sugar. Oh well, I’ll run it off in the AM!

Check out how nice these bad boys came out :D:



Aren’t they just so darn good-looking? 😉

I’m trying to offload them to Dallas though lol, coz I won’t eat them all, Mark and Sam won’t eat them all and Mum won’t eat any coz she’s on a diet. I figure they’d do good to go to someone well-deserving of them who’ll appreciate their sugary goodness 😀

Anyway, earlier this morning I did some interval training. I was considering taken a rest day after my 10k Race yesterday, but changed my mind and new I’d be capable of some activity since I felt fine and didn’t have sore legs. I did my 35 minute workout which was INTENSE. This time instead of doing plain old lunges and squats with weights during the strength section, I did a Jillians Michaels workout.

Boy HOWDY did it work those muscles!!!! I was pooped after 2 minutes of this non-stop. FANTASTIC workout. I totally recommend giving this little set a go.

I was way tired once I finished, but still managed to squeeze out an unattractive smile for the camera.


After snacking on a banana, I started to get a bit of cabin fever, being inside for ages when the weather was so beautiful outside. I decided to bike into town and look for the movie “Into The Blue” I’ve wanted to purchase for ages now.


Conditions were perrrfect 😉 And since it’s labour weekend, there weren’t many cars on the road so I didn’t almost get hit by one this time! 😀 lol, I’m a stink cycler.



Unfortunately, after half an hour of searching through mix up DVDs, I never found what I was looking for. I admitted defeat and biked home… Only to have the handle bars crap out on me half a K from home. I had to walk the bike the rest of the way home. GAAYY.

After that, I was starving so I got some eats, sat outside in the beautiful sun and tried to do some homework. Lasted about ten minutes, then I got bored and started chatting away with mum.

Lay in the sun for another hour or so and then of course, proceeded to clean my room!

Which you can read about here.

That’s all for today lovelies.

I’ll be back tomorrow with yet more “exciting” tales of my day, crappy school, early morning runs and signing up to audition for the school production! 😀

Have a great night.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you whilst you’ve been baking/cooking? Are you creatively challenged in the kitchen like I am?

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I cleaned my room!

As the title states, I finally cleaned my garbage dump of a bedroom. It was pretty nasty (not dirty, just messy), with clothes and shoes strewn everywhere. No bedspace. A bed that hadn’t been made since the last time I changed the sheets… That kinda thing.

So I decided to get passed my self-consciousness and take some Before and After photos so you can see just how yucky it truly was.


My desk.


My bed. (As you can see, I REALLY love Guns N’ Roses)



My drawers.


My closet.


Pretty bad innit?

Well after I took these photos, I spent a whole HOUR AND A HALF cleaning this bad boy up!

I even vacuumed 😀 lol.

Whilst I was dusting, clearing, all that fun stuff, I came across these lil’ old jems…



These two photos were taken 3 years ago at my twelfth birthday. I couldn’t believe how different we all looked…

From left to right: Zac, Tessa, Emma, Me, Bekka, AJ and Mitchell.

Everyone’s so different now.. It’s a good thing I guess. There are things I miss and things I really don’t. But yeah, just a little trip down memory lane 🙂

And of course, just for good measure:


Tip top of my CD collection 😀 Rulers of my life pretty much. The whole time I was cleaning my room I was listening to Appetite for Destruction. On my computer of course though. My Itunes has EVERYTHINGGGG I need 🙂 And 80 GnR songs to keep me thoroughly occupied.

Check out this beast which I had on repeat for ages (bet you, every single reader will know this one 😉 ):

Anyways, so eventually the room was clean. Here are the after shots.






There you have it! 🙂

Mighty great difference right?

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll have another post up later about events earlier in the day.

Have an awesome evening 😀

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