Learning to run all over again…

November 18, 2009 at 3:16 am 1 comment

Well, as those of you who read my blog frequently, you’ll know that on Saturday I buzzed up to Auckland to go meet Gaz, my trainer so we could do a video analysis of my running, go over the biomechanics etc etc etc.

Well it went really well and I learnt so so much. There’s so much more to running than I ever could’ve imagined, and it has sparked a huge interest in biomechanics in me.

The video analysis was hugely embarrassing, I thought I looked like a real dick. And I guess I did.

My running technique was AWFUL! It was embarrassing because I cannot believe that for the last 8 months I have been running looking like an idiot. It reminded me of American Idol, when someone absolutely ratchet auditions and Simon says to them “WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD SING?”, who told me I could run??!? lolololll.

I won’t try and explain what I’ve been doing wrong because it’s far too complicated. The good news is that I’ll be able to fix it and get my technique up to scratch, although it could take up to 12 months. That’s alright by me though because once I’ve got it together, I’ll have those skills for life and I can achieve any running goal I set myself.

That does mean though, that I will NOT be running the Auckland Marathon in 2010… I’m a little bit disappointed, but Gaz is the professional and he really knows his stuff. I went to him for advice about it and he gave it to me, so I’m going to listen to him since he does know best.

The hardest part now is trying to train my body and mind to run in a different style to what it’s been doing my entire life. I have to learn to run all over again.

Gaz made a really good point on Saturday, he said that if you think about any other sport, you have to LEARN how to do it. You have to learn how to swim, you have to learn how to ride a bike, you have to learn how to play tennis. Running is the only sport that people don’t bother to learn how to do it. They don’t realize that there is actually technique involved.

Yesterday was my first run since seeing Gaz. It was just a short 5k. From now on I’ll only be doing runs between 5-8 Kilometers, so I can really practice getting the style right.

Yesterday was HARD! I chose to run without my ipod (I’ve only ever done that once in all my running months), because it required so much concentration to focus on swinging my arms properly, keeping my torso still and balanced, tilting my pelvis upwards whilst leaning forward, taking smaller strides and only increasing my speed by increasing the swing of my arms and imagining two little fairies holding onto each side of my pelvis and carrying me along.

It was A LOT to think about, and obviously, I did not get it perfect first time round. By the end I was exhausted because I’d been working hard mentally as well as physically. It was hard on different muscle groups too because I was using muscle groups I’ve never used before. It was a lot harder at the end to concentrate on getting everything right because I was really tired and it would’ve just been easier to slip back into old habits, but I didn’t because that would be like taking three steps forward, two steps back, and I had promised Gaz I’d give 110%.

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

I chose to focus mostly on my arms swinging and keeping my torso still, which was a good idea because when I had that relatively good, it made the other things slightly easier. I also found that I was able to run quite a bit faster!

Todays run was just a little bit easier. Once again, I focused mainly on my arms and this time it wasn’t so hard to maintain.

I was really happy to see that I beat my time for yesterday by 1 minute, 1 second. Every second counts! My goal is to run 5k in 25 minutes or under.

My biggest concern is that my hip pain is getting a lot worse… After my run today, it was almost as bad as the time I went to the doctor for it. Scary… I’m not sure what the cause is. I believe it could be either from walking Toi’s Challenge (18.5K trail race, took me 4 hours. Read the recap here) or from changing my running style since I’m not use to it. I’m sure the pain shouldn’t be this bad though, I’m leaning more toward Toi’s being the cause.

In other news…

I had my first exam yesterday, it was English. I went in feeling pretty confident and it was good because I didn’t really struggle at all. For the extended text essay I kinda winged it though. Wasn’t really sure how to answer the question so I just took a stab in the dark and I hope that was good enough. Either way, I feel confident that my other two essays, plus unseen text went well. I look forward to receiving the results in January.

Feels good to have one exam down, 4 to go. My next one is this Friday (one day away), and it’s maths. I’m a little nervous about maths, but just because I get frustrated coz I truly cannot process some of the questions. I can’t understand them and it feels like another language. I’m definitely more of a right-brained individual.

Right now it’s heads down, studying time. I’m focusing most of my energy on Maths revision. It’s not too bad, I haven’t forgotten as much as I feared I might.

Anyway, that’s todays running and studying update! I’m HANGRY! So i’m going to go throw together a protein shake and study some more 🙂



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