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…Is something I’m battling with right now lol. I have it in all the wrong areas. Right now, I need the motivation to get my head down and do a few solid hours of Math Revision, but instead, all I want to do is lace up my running shoes, run for 3 hours, then indulge in frozen yoghurt.

This SOUNDS wonderful, but it’s not because #1. my hip injury is really really bad right now, #2. I can’t run any really long distances until I can cement my new running style and #3. I HAVE A MATH EXAM TOMORROW MORNING!!!!

I don’t think I’m as useless at Math as I use to be, I feel like I’ll be ok for sketching and interpreting Graphs, but I’m hopeless at Algebra and can never remember anything with Trigonometry. I understand it when I have my book for assistance, but I get everything mixed up when I don’t have any help. It sucks…

My game plan for today is to hang out and do nothing until lunchtime, then I can make myself a tasty lunch so I won’t be bothered by hunger (nothing irritates me more than feeling hungry), and then I’ll really knuckle down and do at least an hour, then perhaps take an hour long break and then do another hour.

I’m not one of these people who can just sit there and do 5 hours of studying in one go. I get awfully distracted and wander off topic and end up resenting the subject.

I’ve also decided not to even bother studying for science. I’m thinking I’ll show up for the exam so I don’t have anybody on my case for wagging, read through the papers, decide which one I have the highest possibility of passing and then do that one. I won’t submit the others (like physics!), and I’ll boost outta there as soon as I can. I know I won’t do well with science so I’d much rather put myself out of my misery.

As you can see, my desk is a disaster zone right now:

It’s all Maths stuff (apart from the kerry woodham book), and the crap on the floor is Science. Not even sure if I’ll bother looking at it.

I’m really upset that my injury has flared up again 😦 it’s worse this time and I think it might actually be something different because it’s in a different spot. It’s closer to the hip joint this time which is scary. It’s incredibly painful and I’m really worried about it. I won’t go to the doctor for it this time though, I’ll have a chat to Gaz and see what he thinks it could be..

I’m going nuts because all I want to do is go out for a run! I’ve been reading running and race recaps on Meghann and Caitlin’s blogs and it’s making me wanna get outside soooo bad 😦

Later… later later later.

If at all. I shouldn’t really run through such intense pain.


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Learning to run all over again… Procrastinating whilst you get to know me haha

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