So. Much. RELIEF!

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Yesterday was scary. I had my science exam in the morning which was TERRIFYING! Because I was totally unprepared and I hadn’t realized just how much was resting on that Biology exam until about three days before it. Prior to that, I had done ZERO hours of science revision.

I spent a good two hours studying for Biology on Sunday, and thank god above I did, because those two hours just saved my future career.

There was a lot of extra stuff to deal with once I got into the exam because I still didn’t have my Chem and Bio papers and once I sat down at my desk, was confused to see on physics staring back at me. I spoke to a supervisor at once and we spent the next 10/15minutes sorting it out. Ugh, so much drama for SCIENCE… hardly seems worth it. Apart from biology of course 😀

Once the exam began, I dove straight into Biology. I liked the strategy I used when answering questions, I immediately answered the ones I knew the answer to and then on the more difficult ones that I wasn’t so sure about, I basically just used COMMON SENSE to construct a feasible answer haha. And thankfully, I do believe that it worked! I felt like I did pretty damn well on Biology, given my extreme lack of knowledge on the subject.

I didn’t even attempt physics. I weighed up my options, first I read through the booklet and realized that out of the entire thing, there were only two questions I could answer correctly. The rest of it, I had no idea. I could either have answered just those two and failed for lack of correct answers, or I could not submit and have the paper just come up with “not assessed”, which to me sounds far better than “not achieved”.

I did Chemistry, only because of the huge lengths we had to go to just to GET the paper for me. I didn’t really want it, but they just assumed I did, so I figured I’d better sit it, just for all the trouble the damn thing caused.

I honestly can’t say how I thought I did. But somehow, I don’t believe it was too crash hot… haha.

I was just so relieved to get out of that exam, also because I FELT SO SICK! Argh, all morning I’d felt off colour and then in the exam aswell, my poor little tummy was just not a happy camper.

That teamed with the fact that after breakfast I was nil by mouth all day for my ultrasound.

GREAT! not.

Anyway, Once I got home from the exam I had a couple of hours to kill before the scan. But eventually at five to 1 we headed to the hospital.

The wait was long, but I didn’t mind too much. Except for the fact that when you have an ultrasound, they require you to have a full bladder because it pushes all your organs up so they can see things better… I had to drink 6 cups of water within the hour before my scan… ugh, as you can imagine, by time my appointment rolled around, I wasn’t overly comfortable haha.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t press down on your bladder!!!!!! grrrrr.

It was funny coz it was just like on Juno (I’M NOT PREGNANT THOUGH, NOR DID I EXPECT I WAS PREGNANT! I had the scan to check for appendicitis or an Ovarian Cyst. NOTHING to do with Babies!) She squirted the goo on my tummy and it was blue and made funny fart noises haha.

It was pretty boring really. Just uncomfortable, kinda interesting seeing my spleen, my liver, my ovaries and my kidneys though.

After my ultrasound, I started to get a little nervous. No one was telling me anything and the nurse told me she had to go give my results to a radiologist and a doctor for their opinion. She didn’t even tell me what she was worried about.
Next thing I know another nurse brings out a doctors note to me which was all sealed so I couldn’t read it and she told me to go to ED and take that with me. I was kinda freaking out, expecting it to be something really really serious.

I got to ED, handed my note in and was told to wait. A nurse called me to come in and she took my blood pressure, then made me wait again.

No one had told me anything!! My mind was left to wander to the worst possible outcome. It sucked..

Finally, my doctor I’d seen last friday called me through and simply told me they’d ruled out anything serious and I’d just have to manage the pain. I was so relieved!!! And yet do not understand why they couldn’t have just told me it was nothing serious at the ultrasound to put my mind at rest??

They couldn’t explain what the pain was and just told me to keep an eye on it and come back if it gets worse or I start to get bad fevers or chills or whatever.

I think I’ll be fine and I feel so much better knowing it nothing serious!!

Anyway, in other news, Gaz emailed me my training schedule for the next for weeks. I’m super excited and today I’ll go for a 5K run, as per the training plan. I was so excited to read through and see that in two weeks I’ll be running 12 K’s, that’s further than I’ve ever run in my life! The longest has been 11K’s, so the idea of setting a new PDR is really really exciting 😀

He also sent some strength exercises.

I shall keep you updated on how that’s all going.

Have an awesome day!

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It’s going to be a looooong day… 32 Degrees? uggghhhhh

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