TOO. MUCH. RAIN!!!!!!!

December 4, 2009 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

Oh my god. I’m going crazy. I want to kill the weather.

It’s raining sooo hard right now 😦 I can’t remember the last time it literally poured down for hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was flooding as a result.

Where’s summer?!?!? It’s the 5th day of summer and it doesn’t feel like it at all!! Yesterday when I stepped outside at 10.30 am for my scheduled 6k run, I was shocked to find that IT WAS COLD.

Like, gave me goosebumps and made me wanna go back inside and grab a jersey kinda cold. What the hell is up with that?!? As it’s summer, it should be far from cold at that time of day, it should be unbearably hot! I’ve been running in the middle of the day for the last week now because it’s been chilly enough.

It was actually hotter 2 weeks ago. I feel like we had a week of summer and now we’ve rewound and been thrown back into the end of Winter 😦

I am NOT a happy camper. Summer has always been my favourite season because I absolutely LOVE the heat and sunshine, I get soo depressed when it’s rainy and overcast for days on end.

Thankfully, I have a rest day today so I don’t have to haul ass outside in this crappy weather and run. SO pleased about that. Although, I’ll probably end up eating my words, because tomorrow I have 12k’s planned, and just because the weather hates me, I bet it’ll be torrential rain and even maybe hail lol.. I’m sure gonna have a ball of fun with that…

For today, once I updated this, I plan to return to my nice, cozy bed and read The Shining by Stephen King.

Call me sick, call me twisted, but Stephen King is my favourite author. I love his books and all the novels by him that I’ve read, I have LOVED! I particularly enjoyed Christine, I even thought it was better than Rose Madder. The Shining is a classic, so I’m really excited about it.

I must admit though, I do not have a strong enough stomach to read Cell… that’s just a bit TOO gnarly for me.

That’s all for now people.. Not much and boring as, but I needed something. Later on I’ll be back with my favourite current workout songs.

Have a nice (rainy) day.



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“Summer” weather day 2 + Project Glow 12k run preparation.

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