Letter to Legs.

December 15, 2009 at 5:23 am Leave a comment

Dear Legs,

Today I spoke to Gaz about how our hip has been causing us both problems 😦 Making our knees hurt a lot and making it hard to walk. I told him about how it all started with that speed training we did the other day… I’m sorry I pushed you to do the sprints even though you were hurting and telling me you didn’t want to. That was the wrong thing to do.

I got real scared thinking that you weren’t going to be able to run with me anymore… I even started planning the sports I’d do instead (how does swimming and cycling sound? 🙂 ). But even though I had a “back up plan”, I was still heart broken that we might not be able to carry on with our favourite thing- running.

I know you enjoy it too 😉 How could you not? Look how big and strong you’ve become from it! You even held a 20 second wall sit with Dallas sitting on you. That’s some awesome stuff right there.

I know you love the feeling of freedom and release that we both get during a good run.. And I know you love the satisfaction and pride you get when you pull me through a really really tough run. I’m so grateful to you for it.

See the thing is… I don’t know how I’d survive if you decided not to let me run anymore. Running is my saviour. It’s the greatest thing I ever chose to do and I’m so happy that you decided to get involved as well. I really couldn’t have done it without you.

I’m sorry that for 8 months I ran with you in a way that wasn’t good for you. I’m sorry for the extra pressure and strain you felt from my ignorance. I’m sorry for the knee pain you got and for getting my hip to this in the first place.

Just think though, that after a week, if we’re both feeling better we can whip on those amazing new shoes and pound the pavement once again 🙂 I’ll make sure I keep you in shape though with swimming. I know you like swimming because you made the hip pain all better when we swam on Sunday.

Gaz says that this is just a niggle, and that it’s quite common for runners once they’ve gotten to where I am. He thinks that as long as I let you rest, you should be fine.

He gave me some exercises to do to make you feel better as well. He told me to massage you hard with my thumb before I go to bed. It will be incredibly painful for me, but a huge release for you- and that’s what’s most important. He also told me to lie on a tennis ball with it resting in the most painful place. Once again, it’s about pressure.

So we’ll try these things, yeah?

Get set for a full week of swimming ahead 🙂

I hope you get better soon,

Love, Jenny



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Sing sing sing! Saying goodbye isn’t easy… :(

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