Christmas Day Recap!

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Happy New Year! It’s New Years eve and I can hardly believe it… This year has just flown past, and to tell you the truth, I could not be HAPPIER about it!!! I hope the next two years pass as quickly.

Anyway, here’s some photos from Christmas Day. I’d type out a whole blog about it but that’ll take ages lol, and I’m feeling lazy.

It started in Hamilton at Dad’s house. All of us got up early to go open presents, Daniel had TONS of gifts including a PSP, which is something he’s been wishing for for ages now, and here’s a pic of him in the middle of his victory dance when he opened it hahaha.

This is so cute 🙂

After that, we all piled into the car to travel up to Auckland to meet up with more family.

It took us TWO AND A HALF HOURS to get there, instead of the usual 1 and a half hours because traffic was so bad!!

Aside from that, it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed taking photos of scenery and such.

One we got there, we greeted everybody, then headed into the family room to open more presents.

After presents, it was FOOD TIME! 😀

And time to take photos of Aunty Debbie’s glass of bubbles 🙂

Here’s a photo of us all at lunch.

After lunch, there was pudding, tea, chocolate and swimming 🙂

Then it was time for the compulsory walk along the beach, where we stopped to take family photos:

The scenery was great and so it gave me the perfect opportunity to test my camera out as best I could.

I was in photography HEAVEN!

We had some good fun on the beach, it was so packed! Like an Australian beach! haha. We took some more good family photos and Dad and I barely put our cameras down the whole time.

On the way back we took some more family shots.

I love these three photos that I took of Lee, Daniel and Holly. The lighting is so so good and I think these three shots are my three favorites of the entire day.

Once we got home, Lee, Holly and I grabbed a chilled lemon lime and bitters and chillaxed on the trampoline. There was lots of lazing around and enjoying the tremendous sun and heat.

The rest of the evening was really low-key. We had small dinners coz we were all still stuffed from lunch.

The evening basically consisted of television, ice cream, chocolate and playing with new presents 🙂

Perfect way to end an evening.

I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow because I was so tired from such a busy day.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It took me all day to write it up and all week to gain the motivation to do it lol.

Next post will be 2010 resolutions 🙂 Have a very very Happy New Year everybody!



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A very merry christmas from my family to yours :) Starbucks

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