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“Criss Angel: MINDFREAK” Review

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Criss Angel is a magician/stuntman/illusionist with his own show called “Mindfreak”, named due to his ability to freak peoples minds lol.

I watched my first ever episode of Mindfreak last week, and only coz Dad told me off when I wanted to change the channel because he said he liked the show. I watched it and after that ever short 21 minutes, I was HOOKED! A full-on Mindfreak follower.

(Of course, it helps that he’s absolutely GORGEOUS!)

After watching one episode, I went out and bought season 1 of Mindfreak. I also know a guy who has ALL the seasons, so because I would be coming back home to Whakatane, I decided to watch the entire season 2 which belonged to him, because otherwise I wouldn’t get the opportunity to do so.

I ended up watching the entire season 2, 21 episodes, 21 minutes each, in one sitting lol. I was so so hooked on it, that I ended up watching it all day and by the end I STILL wasn’t bored of it. I wanted to watch MORE and so I watched the Halloween special.

The episode on that dvd was actually rather difficult to watch because the stunt that he performed was a bit upsetting. He gives the illusion that he gets pulled into a giant wood chipper and they even go so far as to have fake blood and pulp come flying out the other side.

It was so realistic that my heart seemed to stop beating for a few seconds. It was a MASSIVE relief when he popped out of the back on the truck safe and sound. I even struggled to watch the same episode a second time when my sister and my Dad wanted to watch it.

Here’s a few clips from a couple of things he’s done:

Now, the thing that I like and respect most about Criss Angel, is that he’s a true magician in the sense that he really leaves you wondering “how the hell did he pull that off”. You can never be sure if what you think is an illusion is actually reality or if what you think is reality, is actually an illusion.

Especially during his magic tricks, he’s so damn slick, that he manages to swap things around or chuck things away without ANYBODY noticing. That’s difficult to do! If he didn’t explain his tricks every now and then, you’d have no idea how he did it.

I also respect that he shares the secrets of some of his tricks. It proves that he’s extremely talented and isn’t a try-hard, wannabe or whatever. You know that he’s just a damn good illusionist that can fool anybody.

Even if his stunts are just illusions, he pulls them off so well that it’s so convincing, and it really makes for great television.

My only problem with this show is that after a while, it gets a little predictable. You can sorta guess how he does certain tricks and sometimes I think his stunts are a little ridiculous.

For example, I almost switched off the Dvd when I watched season 3, episode 1 where he had to lie on broken glass and get steam rolled. It was so hard to watch because it was creepy! But in true Criss Angel style, he somehow pulled the stunt off successfully.

After a while you become really unsure of what’s real and what’s not.

He says it all in this interview:

All in all, i give Mindfreak a 10 out of 10. After two seasons, I’m still hooked and can’t get enough of him.

Excellent show, and if you’re in the mood to get your mind blown, Criss Angel is the one to do that.

Have a great night 🙂


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