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I enjoy filling these out, so here 🙂

1. Where is your phone? On top of my book beside me
2. Your hair? black/brown
3. Your Mum? Is the best
4. Your Dad? acts like a teenager
5. Your favorite meal? hmmm… that’s hard… Sushi maybe?
6. Your last dream? was magical 🙂
7. What do you like to drink? Water
8. Your dream? To be entirely successful in my career and have great overall health and well-being. To STAY in love.
9. In what room are you? My bedroom
10. Your hobby? Exercise, then blogging about it.
11. What are you afraid of? Being alone, being misunderstood (which happens A LOT), having my heart broken, Eels, heights, blood tests, injections, injuries.
12. Last travel? To Hamilton
13. Where were you last night? Out for a blissful walk with my incredible boyfriend.
14. Something you are not? A slut.
15. Muffins? ARE AMAZING!
16. Wishlist? Criss Angel (lol), Iphone, Workout clothes, ticket to Lady Gaga, Scooter, Scholarship, healing powers
17. Where did you grow up? Hamilton. I’m a born and bred Hamiltonian baby!
18. Last thing you did? Ate chocolate. nom nom nom!
19. What are you wearing? skirt, jacket, white tank top, socks, undies.
20. Your television? Has terrible reception.
21. Your pet(s)? Are the light of my life 🙂
22. Your friends? Are the most incredible beings I’ve ever been blessed to have met.
23. Your life? A massive roller-coaster…
24. Your temper? Pretty balanced. I lose it when I get stood up, when someone’s rude to me, when people are unreasonable and when people flirt with my boyfriend.
25. Do you miss someone? Dallas. Constantly. Even when he’s with me, I miss him in advance for when he’ll go home.
26. Your car? WHAT car? lol
27. Something you don’t bring with you? Bring with me where?
28. Your favorite shop? Rebel Sport
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. Last time you laughed? Hmmm… I had a wee chuckle about an hour ago from the book I’m reading.
31. Last time you cried? Errmm… I wanted to cry yesterday, but didn’t to protect my ego lol. before that? I can’t actually remember.
32. Your best friend? Dallas.
33. A place where you can go again and again? Marae Hako
34. Facebook? Is a great way to resume contact with old friends.
35. Favorite place to eat? Sushi bar 🙂 or any of the cool places dad takes me.

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