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You guys probably didn’t know that yesterday (6th) was my birthday, huh? 😉 Sweet 16!!

It was great, it was just how I like my birthdays to be- low-key and family orientated. I’m not the kind to throw a massive party and get wasted… Tiz just not my thing. Insteeeead, my day went like this:

I woke up to my alarm going off at 5.45 am, jumped out of bed, looked outside and got upset about the bad weather 😦 I ate, then cycled down to the pools at 6.30 and swam for 40 minutes. It was great actually, it was quite high intensity and at the end I really felt like I’d accomplished something, which doesn’t happen often with swimming.

Once I came home, I showered, ate and read my book. I had a pedicure appointment at 9, so my timing worked out perfectly 🙂 I arrived right on time to get pampered for a glorious hour, I’ve never had a pedicure before and this was AMAZING!

She made my feetsies all puurrrty 🙂

And i was very happy about it.

After that, I chilled out at home until Mark got back from taking Penny to Tauranga, from there Mum, Mark, Sam and I all went out for lunch. It was so nice 🙂 and coincidently enough, it was the exact same restaurant I went to last year for my 15th birthday. Those two birthdays are the only time I’ve ever been there lol.

They were really busy so the wait was quite long, but it was totally worth it. I ordered the Satay Chicken Salad with crispy noodles and banana, it was DELICIOUS!

It was great because all the staff, including the chef, came out to talk to us. They were so nice 🙂 The chef was a real awesome guy too, he apologized personally for the long wait. We were so impressed with how friendly they were that we weren’t bothered in the slightest.

Before we left, I ordered a Mocha. I figured since it was my birthday, I deserved a coffee if I wanted one!

After that, we headed home. I kicked back and enjoyed Biggest Loser and my book 🙂

I dyed my hair brown again, MYSELF this time! First time in my life I’ve ever dyed it myself. It went pretty well considering, although I think I got more dye on my skin than in my hair lol.

Dallas came around right after and it was great to see him. I started feeling sick though and couldn’t eat dinner 😦 I felt so sick I went and sprawled on the couch.

I was ok after a while, and spent a good hour talking with Dallas, discussing memories of intermediate school 🙂 I was such a little dork back then… Wish I still had photos 😦

I wanted to have an early night, but turns out the caffeine had had other plans for me…. I was up til 2 am reading my book because I was so awake, I couldn’t sleep. A pain in the butt because I was exhausted!

All in all, I had a really great birthday 🙂 I’m big on family and a low-key day is exactly how I like my birthdays.

Couldn’t have wished for anything better.


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