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A Day Of Photography with my dear friend Emma

Firstly, I went to the gym yesterday with intentions of a workout about an hour and ten minutes. Well, I was so so exhausted on the Elliptical, literally YAWNING while I was going. I just felt so tired, like my body needed a rest. I finished my 30 minute elliptical workout, then decided against the rowing machine and went for a swim instead. I had planned to do 30 minutes, but I was so tired, I barely made it to 20. Today will be a rest day and possibly tomorrow too because I need to give my body time to recover properly. I feel like I’ve run a marathon!

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my really good friend Emma. I love catching up with her because she’s the ONLY person in the world I can fully spill my guts to. We have so much in common and we’re pretty darn similar in some aspects.

We met at a cafe where we talked for a little bit, and she presented me with an amazing gift! A late birthday present. I was so touched, especially since she got it because she knows I was sick of only receiving money for my birthday.

She got me some muscle soak bath salts, muscle soak bubble bath, a note book and a cute little Winnie The Pooh pen, so that when I go away camping (this weekend), if I think of anything for a blog post that I might forget I can write it in there!

It was perfect, and I loved it so much 🙂 Thank you Emma!!!!

Anyway, from there we went and got Subway, but it was too full to eat in the shop so we wandered around other shops for a while before deciding to buy a brownie at another cafe and eat our subway there. They couldn’t kick us out for that lol.

After more chatting, more shopping and more food, Emma decided to buy a massive photo album that she wanted to fill up, but in order for that to work, she needed photos.

We decided to go down to the heads and spend some time just taking photos of anything and everything.

Here’s some of my favourite shots that I took for the day:

I took well over a hundred photos, but these are just a few of the ones that particularly took my fancy.

Today I plan to SUPER CLEAN my bedroom!!!! That means, clean out all the junk, throw out all the rubbish, through out any crap I don’t need, clean surfaces, move stuff around vacuum the carpet, etc etc etc. Hopefully my room will be sparkling by the end!

Stay tuned for my post later in the day about tattoos and the difference between “artwork” and “trashy”

Have an awesome day 🙂


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