High School Horrors + First day on the job!

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Ok, firstly, I’m quite proud because today I had the first day of my first ever “proper” job 😀

It went really well! The staff are really great and made me feel very relaxed. They were patient with me and never got frustrated when I made a mistake or misunderstood something. It was a great first day, and although my feet hurt by the end, I came home feeling satisfied and happy.

Moving on, before I continue, I would just like to warn readers that the following content may offend some. I mean no harm, I’m simply voicing my opinion. If you don’t want to risk being offended, please stop reading!!

The prospect of an all new high school year is fast approaching at a frightening rate and let me be the first to tell you that in my book, that is not such a great thing.

I guess you can look at it two ways though: firstly, the quicker school starts back up, the quicker it ends. But, secondly, the quicker it starts back up, the quicker I’m thrown into a world of judgmental people, labels, drama, gossip, stress, pressure, solitude and emotional roller-coasters.

I’m not a such a big fan of high school, I’ve always struggled to fit in because I’m so self-assured and strong-willed. I don’t usually follow along with what could be considered to be “normal”, and for the most part, people seriously misunderstand me. I can’t change them though, I can’t change the way others view me. This has proven to be a constant struggle over the last 4 years, and mostly ended in tears.

It doesn’t help that I know EXACTLY what I want to do when I finish high school, right down to where I want to live, the Uni I want to attend, where I want to work, my form of transport… everything I’ll need to get by… And I still have two more years to go. Getting itchy feet when there’s still so much to go is not fun 😦

I think a lot of people forget what high school is like though. In my view, it can go three ways:

1. You love it, you’re comfortably popular/well-known, you avoid most dramas and enjoy being with your friends. You get good scores and are happy with your progress.

2. You don’t enjoy high school too much but you don’t hate it either. You have a close set of friends and manage to fly under the radar. Not necessarily popular or well-known, but happy.

3. You find it a constant uphill battle, you struggle to fit in and have conflicts with others students. Not necessarily over fights, but just by being who you are. You mature quicker than other students your age and are very eager to get out of school to get on with your life.

As you can probably tell, I feel like I fit into category 3 better than the other two… It takes so much will-power from me to keep from dropping out of high school now and attended a polytech. Fortunately, because of my clear vision for my future, I know that school is an absolute necessity to helping me get to where I want to go. I cannot make it without NCEA level 2 and 3 and god knows I will give school FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT just to ensure that I DO NOT jeopardize anything in my future.

I want to make sure that I EARN everything, I want to be able to say that I completed high school with NCEA level 3, and that I achieved all the prerequisites I’ll need to be accepted into University.

Unfortunately, there is no short cut, and this is just the reality I am faced with.

My very dear friend Emma offered me some great advice the other day. She understands me better than anybody, and she was listening intently to my moan about going back to school, and how this year will drag, and how I only have Dallas to hang out with and even then I won’t be able to be in the common room with him. She simply said “Well, why don’t you spend all your spare time becoming amazing?”

To which I replied with “…um.. what?”

What she meant was that since I’ll have a lot of spare time on my hands during intervals and lunchtimes, maybe I should spend that time in class doing extra work or revision. Making sure that I understand everything so that I get excellent marks on everything.

I have to say, it’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given and I definitely intend to follow it through.

I want this year to pass as quickly as possible, so I’m trying to fill up my schedule with as much as I can, whilst maintaining some kind of balance to make sure I don’t have a mental breakdown….

I like to be kept busy, and I like plans and schedules. I like to-do lists, or just lists in general. I enjoy crossing things off when they’re completed, it gives me a strong sense of accomplishment.
That’s why right now, I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to make this year bearable by having a busy schedule. There’s school, which will all the time be number ONE  top priority, the school show, work, plus training and rehabilitation.

All of that should help keep me sufficiently occupied for this year. I’ll be careful though to make sure to recognize signs of becoming too stressed out or too busy. Like I said, I need balance.

Anyway, leave a comment and let me know what your high school experiences have been like. Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it?

let me know 🙂


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