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A Day Of Photography with my dear friend Emma

Firstly, I went to the gym yesterday with intentions of a workout about an hour and ten minutes. Well, I was so so exhausted on the Elliptical, literally YAWNING while I was going. I just felt so tired, like my body needed a rest. I finished my 30 minute elliptical workout, then decided against the rowing machine and went for a swim instead. I had planned to do 30 minutes, but I was so tired, I barely made it to 20. Today will be a rest day and possibly tomorrow too because I need to give my body time to recover properly. I feel like I’ve run a marathon!

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my really good friend Emma. I love catching up with her because she’s the ONLY person in the world I can fully spill my guts to. We have so much in common and we’re pretty darn similar in some aspects.

We met at a cafe where we talked for a little bit, and she presented me with an amazing gift! A late birthday present. I was so touched, especially since she got it because she knows I was sick of only receiving money for my birthday.

She got me some muscle soak bath salts, muscle soak bubble bath, a note book and a cute little Winnie The Pooh pen, so that when I go away camping (this weekend), if I think of anything for a blog post that I might forget I can write it in there!

It was perfect, and I loved it so much 🙂 Thank you Emma!!!!

Anyway, from there we went and got Subway, but it was too full to eat in the shop so we wandered around other shops for a while before deciding to buy a brownie at another cafe and eat our subway there. They couldn’t kick us out for that lol.

After more chatting, more shopping and more food, Emma decided to buy a massive photo album that she wanted to fill up, but in order for that to work, she needed photos.

We decided to go down to the heads and spend some time just taking photos of anything and everything.

Here’s some of my favourite shots that I took for the day:

I took well over a hundred photos, but these are just a few of the ones that particularly took my fancy.

Today I plan to SUPER CLEAN my bedroom!!!! That means, clean out all the junk, throw out all the rubbish, through out any crap I don’t need, clean surfaces, move stuff around vacuum the carpet, etc etc etc. Hopefully my room will be sparkling by the end!

Stay tuned for my post later in the day about tattoos and the difference between “artwork” and “trashy”

Have an awesome day 🙂


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Evening stroll

Ok, before I get to the main topic of this post, I’d just like to show you before and after shots of my arms. I’m so proud of how much muscle tone I’ve managed to build 😀



I am so proud of how far I’ve come 🙂

Anyway, this evening I decided to do something I have not done in MONTHS. I decided to go for an evening walk, simply for the fresh air and the chance to photograph my surroundings.

I really really enjoyed it. It was nice to just take my time, enjoy the scenery, stop to take photos.

At one point, this cat kept me amused for a solid 2 minutes lol.

I was really anxious about knee pain or hip pain, my walk was about 2.5 Kilometers and it took me around 50 minutes (taking my time, dawdling, stopping to take photos etc etc), but I can happily say that I experienced little to no pain! 🙂

I went to the physiotherapist again today. She ended up giving my left leg a massage and then acupuncture. I must admit, I was pretty squeamish with the needles… I don’t know when I’ll ever overcome that silly phobia!

It ended up feeling pretty good once the needles were in place. I was lying on my side and had needles from my feet up to my hip, I was sweating with anxiety at first, but then I started to relax a little bit while she left them in. It felt like this big wave of warmth was continuously washing through my leg.

She only did one leg so I could compare the two and see how it goes, whether it makes a difference or not. I think it has because my leg is already starting to feel normal again 😀

Tomorrow morning I’m starting my day with a gym session. Since I didn’t swim today I shall swim tomorrow for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes on the Elliptical, then maybe 10 or 15 on the rowing machine.

I’ll see you then! 🙂


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Recovered video… Rant about missing running :(

I apologize for the bad quality 😦

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Computer fails.

I’m so so disappointed 😦 Last night I watched Spirit of The Marathon and it made me sad because I miss running so much, so I filmed a little rant about how wonderful I think running is and why I miss it so much, but then when I went to upload it from my camera to the computer, the computer froze and ate the video 😦

Also doing something weird to my camera in the process….. My camera is now having some serious upload issues. Not sure what the deal with that is, but if it’s carries on, I’ll take it into the camera shop. This camera is far too important to me for me to be able to put up with it screwing up ALREADY.

However, I shall try and muster the motivation to film another one some time later today.. I’m fairly busy this afternoon with a Physio appointment, followed by a doctor appointment. I’ll post a blog later today with a physio update.

The weather is yucky this morning, but I don’t really mind. Only issue is that I ride my bike everywhere, and if it’s pouring with rain, that’s a slight inconvenience! Hopefully I’ll have some luck and the rain will hold off in the afternoon. I’d rather ride a bike than get driven around anyway.

I woke up this morning and decided that, in light of the dreary weather, I figured it was perfect pancake weather! I had some mixture leftover from lunch yesterday, so I just used that. They were delicious!

I also couldn’t resist a cup of coffee on the side… Man I fail at quitting caffeine :/

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead and I’m off to haul some booty at the gym. I’m going to do a 35-40 minute Elliptical workout today. No swimming and no strength, just elliptical. I’d like to see how I go.

Update more later!


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Operation Beautiful!

Today I posted and PHOTOGRAPHED! two Operation Beautiful notes 🙂

I posted them in the changing rooms of the Aquatic Center/Gym.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Operation Beautiful, be sure to check out the website. I promise you that it will make you smile! Posting these felt really good 🙂 I decided to do it because I needed the extra motivation to get my booty down to the pools. I still harbor a strong dislike for swimming, and it doesn’t seem to be easing up any time soon.

Although, I must admit that today’s 35 minute swim (2000 meters), was actually not too bad. I can feel my fitness and strength improving and I’m able to do more laps with less rests. I’m also working on increasing speed.

It really helps me get in the spirit and gain motivation when there are very few people at the pools, and today I got super lucky with only two other swimmers in the big pool at the same time, so I got my favourite and widest lane all to myself 😀

After I finished up in the pool, I got dressed for the Gym. Today I decided to give the Elliptical another shot.

Some of you may remember my last frustrating attempt on this. It hurt my knees and just upset me because I couldn’t work up a huge sweat.

Well I’m happy to report that today was fine 🙂 My knees didn’t hurt and I raised the level and workout to a higher one and it was great!!! I was very satisfied by the end. I went strong for 30 minutes and it was highly enjoyable.

On a not so positive note… I’m struggling to give up my morning coffee habit :/ I couldn’t resist, and had to have a cup this morning.

I tried to cancel it out by having Green Tea as well… but fail, lol.

Good luck to Meghann, Caitlin and Megan running the Walt Disney World Marathon tomorrow!!! You chicky’s with KICK ASS!

Have a great night 😀


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First ever video blog!

Something I forgot to include was HOW MUCH I’M MISSING RUNNING!!! Arrghhh, it’s killing me 😦 I really hope my knees get better soon, because I’m dying of withdrawals here!!!

Also, the swimming/strength training exercise is going well. I still loathe swimming and so as a result, am finding it increasingly difficult to stay motivated to keep it up. But it’s doing amazing things for my body and my figure, so that’s a positive.

Be sure to give me some feedback on the video blog 😉


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You guys probably didn’t know that yesterday (6th) was my birthday, huh? 😉 Sweet 16!!

It was great, it was just how I like my birthdays to be- low-key and family orientated. I’m not the kind to throw a massive party and get wasted… Tiz just not my thing. Insteeeead, my day went like this:

I woke up to my alarm going off at 5.45 am, jumped out of bed, looked outside and got upset about the bad weather 😦 I ate, then cycled down to the pools at 6.30 and swam for 40 minutes. It was great actually, it was quite high intensity and at the end I really felt like I’d accomplished something, which doesn’t happen often with swimming.

Once I came home, I showered, ate and read my book. I had a pedicure appointment at 9, so my timing worked out perfectly 🙂 I arrived right on time to get pampered for a glorious hour, I’ve never had a pedicure before and this was AMAZING!

She made my feetsies all puurrrty 🙂

And i was very happy about it.

After that, I chilled out at home until Mark got back from taking Penny to Tauranga, from there Mum, Mark, Sam and I all went out for lunch. It was so nice 🙂 and coincidently enough, it was the exact same restaurant I went to last year for my 15th birthday. Those two birthdays are the only time I’ve ever been there lol.

They were really busy so the wait was quite long, but it was totally worth it. I ordered the Satay Chicken Salad with crispy noodles and banana, it was DELICIOUS!

It was great because all the staff, including the chef, came out to talk to us. They were so nice 🙂 The chef was a real awesome guy too, he apologized personally for the long wait. We were so impressed with how friendly they were that we weren’t bothered in the slightest.

Before we left, I ordered a Mocha. I figured since it was my birthday, I deserved a coffee if I wanted one!

After that, we headed home. I kicked back and enjoyed Biggest Loser and my book 🙂

I dyed my hair brown again, MYSELF this time! First time in my life I’ve ever dyed it myself. It went pretty well considering, although I think I got more dye on my skin than in my hair lol.

Dallas came around right after and it was great to see him. I started feeling sick though and couldn’t eat dinner 😦 I felt so sick I went and sprawled on the couch.

I was ok after a while, and spent a good hour talking with Dallas, discussing memories of intermediate school 🙂 I was such a little dork back then… Wish I still had photos 😦

I wanted to have an early night, but turns out the caffeine had had other plans for me…. I was up til 2 am reading my book because I was so awake, I couldn’t sleep. A pain in the butt because I was exhausted!

All in all, I had a really great birthday 🙂 I’m big on family and a low-key day is exactly how I like my birthdays.

Couldn’t have wished for anything better.


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