A whole new world of pain.

February 11, 2010 at 3:46 am Leave a comment

Man, I woke up yesterday in so much pain… And of course again this morning. All thanks to that insane strength/weight workout I did with the trainer at the gym the other day.

Literally, my ENTIRE body hurts. Even my abs lol, that’s funny because I didn’t even do ab-specific workouts.

It’s highly difficult to even walk properly. My thighs and butt hurt so bad, I went to the gym yesterday to see the trainer and get my cardio training plan, I had planned to do some kind of workout, but I got there, walked on the treadmill for 2 minutes and decided I was in too much pain to carry on.

HOWEVER, It doesn’t really matter that I skipped the gym yesterday because I did touch training in P.E and that was relatively full-on (also ridiculously painful). Today I did P.E again, I’m quite surprised at how well my knees are handling all the running involved, (I haven’t been to a physio appointment in 2 weeks though :S It’s not my fault though because they work dumb hours. The physio don’t work on weekends and they only work mornings during weekdays, in which I’m at school! That’s so average, I may have to change Physio.) we did a circuit course today, we only went for about 15 minutes, but it was alright.

Also I played Squash in Electives today for the first time in around about a year. The last time I played it was with Emma when I was at my fattest and most unfit. I discovered that I seem to have LOST any skill I may have had. I’m absolutely terrible at the game lol, but hey, I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, I’ll most likely be moved into a production elective anyway.

This one was short but sweet! Still haven’t gotten around to taking any photos 😦 I’ll have some soon hopefully. I just don’t want to bring my camera to school for fear of having it stolen. And besides, don’t really want pictures of me at school on the blog anyway :/

I’m cooking dinner tonight, so if it’s something interesting I shall photograph the process to see how I go. Regular blog readers will know how awful I am at cooking. The other night I attempted low-fat Quiche. You couldn’t even really call it “Quiche”, it was more like Onion with a side of Quiche if you get what I mean lol.

Have a great night!


P.S- I’ve been listening to the Glee soundtrack like mad. These two are my favourites πŸ™‚

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