Exciting new hair :D

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hey guys! Sorry for being so absent on the internet lately :S I’ve been super busy… My life is getting more and more hectic. I love it though 🙂 I love to be occupied, and it always makes time go faster.

In terms of the surprise party recap, I’m still working on the facebook uploader, but I’m trying to use myspace in the meantime. I’ll try to have the post up later on tonight, no promises though because I have homework and must fit in a cycle and swim. Also, I’m working on being in bed before 10. I need the extra hours sleep and I feel better for it.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I took a break because I’d completed all homework I had, I’d already exercised (in P.E, which wasn’t so pleasant. It was raining the whole time and we were running 800 meters with intervals. I got soaked and by the end my knees were THROBBING! I sat out of P.E today because I didn’t want to aggravate my knees further. I have a Physio appointment tomorrow afternoon, so that should help the pain a little bit.), I’d already had dinner and I was free for the night.

I hung out with Emma, and firstly I had my hair cut 🙂

I asked for a totally different style. I wanted something that was different and fresh whilst keeping the length because I’m trying to grow my hair out.

Mid-way through though I almost changed my mind completely, took the plunge and was going to go for a Radeo Suicide cut:

But the hairdresser said that if I was still on the fence about it I’d probably regret it later. Also, I’m really bad at hair styling so I always try to consider how easy it would be to style my hair each day when I go to get my hair cut. I decided this cut probably wouldn’t be a very good idea…

In the end, I settled for more layers and a fringe. I was very happy with the result 🙂

After that, we went to the Sushi bar for dinner and to the Warehouse for some hair dye for Emma. She was wanting to go brunette, but she was a blonde so when you’re making the transition from blonde to brunette you need to go red first or else the brown will come out green.
So we found a good deal where you got two of the same brand for $20, whereas they’re $15 individually.

After Sushi for dinner we headed back to her place to do her hair. It was a messy ordeal putting the red it, but the outcome was insanee…. beyond anything we could ever have imagined:

Pretty intense right??!

We thought the contrast between our hair colours was pretty intense too:

Cool, huh? 🙂

Anywho, that’s all for now folks. I’ll try have that party recap up later on tonight. For now, I’m going to get ready for the pools, watch the Simpsons and then head off.

Have a good night!



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Technical Difficulties- Bigger recap to come Food for thought.

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