Street Fiesta + New scooter!!!!

February 27, 2010 at 8:31 am Leave a comment

I bought a scooter today!!! It’s so cute, seriously. Check it out:

I love it! 😀 I’ve been driving it round today and really getting used to it. It’s going to be so nice to be able to drive to work instead of cycle. It won’t be so frantic and I won’t be so exhausted at the end of the day.

Anyway, today I went to the Street/Tuna Fiesta with Emma.

We came into town at around 2pm because Emma wanted to buy a skirt before we went to check out the music. She didn’t end up finding anything she liked, so we headed over to check out the festivities. Nothing interesting really happened until it was time for A New Era to go on stage.

It was so cute, since the music was up so loud, Emma and I saw this little girl with her fingers in her ears. It was adorable!

Emma and I had some fun during the performance. Photo within a photo….

We’d promised Dal we’d take lots of photos of him.  I stayed true to my promise 🙂

At the end I wound up holding his guitar coz he was stuffed and I wanted to help ease the load.
I had a great time lol, but ended up being a bit of a danger to passers by…

We met up with Dallas in the Craic shortly after to give him back his guitar. We had some fun…

After that we hurried off to catch Attic Skies. They’re another local band, and omg they are GOOOD! They were my favourite act of the day. They were entertaining and refreshing and there were just some kick ass vibes goin’ on with these guys that radiated to the audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these guy perform 🙂

Anyway, we hung around a bit after their act, we listened to a little bit of another band but by then it was 7pm and I really wanted to get home before it started getting dark. I ended up driving with my sun in my eyes anyway… but oh well.

A great day has been had by all I’d say! If anyone from A New Era or Attic Skies want extra band photos, just leave me a comment. I have TONS!

I have work tomorrow and it’s a long shift… I’ll see you after! Goodnight 🙂



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