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TEN things about yourself:

(1) I’m a sucker for cute puppies

(2) I go slightly crazy without regular exercise.

(3) I work at Rebel Sport

(4) I’m very sensitive.

(5) I pretty much have my entire life planned out for me.

(6) I am extremely determined.

(7) My hair is naturally blonde.

(8) I was born and raised in Hamilton.

(9) I’m half scottish, 1/4 Chinese, 1/8 French Canadian and 1/8 Indian Canadian.

(10) I care about my family more than anything else in the entire world. 

NINE things you want to do before you die:

(1) Get a large tattoo

(2) Photograph someone famous

(3) Get married

(4) Run a marathon

(5)  Own a welsh corgi

(6) Live in an exotic, foreign country for a while

(7)  Fulfill my goals in my career.

(8) teach an aerobic class

(9) Find a soul mate

EIGHT pet peeves:

(1) Rude customers

(2) People at school asking stupid questions

(3) Stupid, ignorant people walking in front of me and dawdling like crazy.

(4) People pushing and shoving like idiots in the school corridors.

(5) when people don’t indicate when they need to whilst driving.

(6) The canteen line.

(7) People who chew gum really disgustingly.

(8) People who take ages to make up their mind in the Subway line.

SEVEN ways to win your heart:

(1) Philisophical conversations with someone I have a strong connection with.

(2) Having my favourite song played to me on the guitar

(3) Getting bought my favourite dark chocolate 🙂

(4) Strong, loving and genuine cuddles.

(5) Honesty

(6) Being completely enthused by life. Sharing the same passion for health and fitness that I do

(7) show an intellectual /contemplative side

SIX songs that mean something to you & why

(1) No Need To Argue by the Cranberries- I had a relationship with someone once and this song describes it perfectly… still.

(2) My Michelle by Guns N’ Roses- Reminds me of summer 2008 with Emma 🙂

(3) Otherside by RHCP- I have a super strong connection to this song. It drags up emotions buried deep down every time I hear it.

(4) Lemon by Katy Rose- I went through a really tough time last year and I felt like this was the only song I could find hope in.

(5) Fighter by Christina Aguilera- Reminds me of what I’m capable of.

(6) Nude by Radiohead- Always reminds me to be true to myself.
FIVE things you wish you could say to five different people.

(1) I miss you so much, all. the. time. I wish I could live with you instead.

(2) I love you. I always will, you will always be amazing. You’re a part of my family now 🙂

(3) You have saved me so many times. Love you to the moon and back.

(4) Remembering the good old days… Back then I thought things were going to turn out A LOT different.

(5) Tomasso!!! I miss you brother. Family always, you are the greatest person I’ve ever met. Love you bro!

FOUR people who have changed your life:

(1) Dallas. You taught me so much about myself I never knew before. You saved me. 

(2) Dad, you have made me a stronger, better person. I feel like I can take on the world now.

(3) Mum. I am so grateful to have you as my Mother 🙂 you have raised me to be the person I want to be.  

(4) Emma. Bro, I would be A LOT different as a person if it weren’t for you. Also, I’d probably be dead. 

THREE things that are currently on your mind:

(1) Blueberry pancakes.

(2) My Dad

(3) American Idol which starts in 4 minutes lol

TWO things you do before you fall asleep:

(1) Read
(2) Moisturize

ONE wish:

(1) To live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.


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First ever “Brick” workout + a few things learnt… A review of my week of having a food diary.

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