Home sick blues :(

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I came home sick from work today 😦 I have a stomach ache which is painkiller resistant and pretty much dibilitating. Came on last night and was ok this morning but proceeded to worsen at a rapid rate. I slept for a total of THIRTEEN HOURS yesterday! I had a four hour nap (because I always sleep when I feel crook) in the afternoon and then slept solidly through the night. I was glad that I wasn’t kept awake by my stomach. However…
Biggest reason I’m pissed off?

I haven’t exercised in THREE DAYS and I had plans to go for a big run and a big cycle this weekend! argh, just my dumb luck. Guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  might get up early (as in REAL early, 5-5.30am) and either run or go to the gym for a swim or something… A run would be most likely because I hate cycling in the dark.

In the meantime, I am craving these DESPERATELY!!

(photo via: Rigelbot)

Good thing I don’t have any or else I’d devour them in about five seconds flat.  I’m a shocker when it comes to sweet foods, I’m really going to make a conscious effort to have healthier substitutes for sweet treats. I’m a big fan of Banana Soft Serve from Choosing Raw.
She has some EXCELLENT recipes for dessert substitutes, I’m fascinated by them! I never would’ve thought to try any of them, and when I tried the soft serve I almost died of happiness. It tasted even better than my favourite ice cream 😀 now that’s saying something because all it is is food processed banana! Genius!

Damn, if I was that creative, good at cooking, had better self-discipline and self-control and if we had no chocolate or ice cream currently in our house… things would be A LOT different around these parts…. Lol.

Have I ever mentioned my interest in becoming a Nutritionist? But that’s more of a back-up plan for if becoming a personal trainer doesn’t work out. I don’t think I’m a good enough cook though, I’m seriously no natural. I can follow a recipe though, it just requires A LOT of concentration.

Anyway, I’m currently watching Gossip Girl for the first time in ages, I have the opportunity today because I’m off sick from work.

By the way, a little heads up that big change is in the air… I won’t say anymore on the matter, but I just thought I’d warn you 😉

Have a good night everybody!



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