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I don’t think you’re ready for this cuteness.

Honestly, you better prepare yourself….

LOOK what Mum, Sam and I got to visit today…



025  026


I honestly died and went to Pug Puppy HEAVEN! 😀

Friends of ours breed Pug’s and these babies are just 9 days old! They invited us over today to meet them for the first time. I took so many photos of the sleeping beauties 🙂 I thought they were incredible and beautiful and gorgeous but I don’t think I could have my own Pug. They require such an enormous level of commitment. They’re like caring for a new born baby. And I’m not just talking about the puppies, the adults too require a lot of attention. They follow you EVERYWHERE and can’t be trusted when they’re left alone.

I enjoyed spending this afternoon with them though 🙂 Meet the proud parents, Daisy and Harry!

036 Above is Harry, and below is Daisy 🙂


We enjoyed some cuddles and tricks with them.



Then it was back to the babies!

034 046

My brother had a great time 🙂


(Harry the pug actually really liked him. He barely left him alone all afternoon!)

039 I had a great time cuddling the fat sausage-like babies too.



To give you more of a perspective on how small these babies are, here’s a pen next to one that is looking super cute all curled up sleeping ^.^


Aren’t they cute?!? It’s insane!!! Mum and I are sure to be back in a couple of week when they’ve grown up a bit and are able to start playing. I’ve heard that that’s when they’re at their cutest. I can’t wait to snap more photos of them!


Anyway, on the way home our car broke down lol. Like, completely. It’s totally dead, the engine’s done with. Luckily it was a beautiful day!




Granddad came and picked up Sam and I and Mum waited for the AA to come and tow our car home. QUITE a way to finish a good day! I was happy to get home so I could blog all about the gorgeous Puppies 🙂
Today Mum also made bagels which I forgot to photograph 😦 But they taste great!

I was going to go for a run today but I’m vastly running out of time. Ellen is on in an hour and I can’t wait! If I have enough time after that I might go. This day ended up being more jam-packed than I thought. Maybe I’ll just take a rest day?

Tomorrow is the opening of the relocated gym I go to so I’ll be going there to check it out.

Catch you later!


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