2nd Instalment, ACE 2010 Recap!

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Ok, so last night I gave you a blow-by-blow recount of Day 1 of the Army Careers Experience, so here’s the next instalment!

Day 2.

We started the day at 6am, it was straight into it from there. We began fatigues, making our beds, tidying our rooms, showering and getting ready for the day. Once again, my room was on Ablutions, so we just polished up everything and made sure the sinks were sparkling and the floors were mopped.
We had to report in the corridor at 0630 hours for a briefing and further instructions. By 0650 hours we were all downstairs, formed up on the road in our Platoons ready to go to the Mess for breakfast.

We did some Drill (as you do every time before Marching) and then we Marched to the Mess. We filed inside and ate a speedy meal, because as I said last night, everything is done with a sense of urgency and everything is rushed, including meals. I still hadn’t gained an appetite so I just picked at my food. I tried to eat protein because I knew I’d be needing the fuel throughout the day, but I just couldn’t eat much.

About ten or twenty minutes later we cleaned off our plates and sprinted outside to line up in our Platoons. Once we got out there, Sergeant came out and did some Drill with us, but then, and I’m not sure what provoked this punishment, but he told us to line up in order from tallest to shortest and we were to do this without talking. So we did it as quickly as we possibly could. He then told us to stand so we were shoulder-to-shoulder. After that he asked us to extend our arms out in front of us and connect our hands in the shape of a diamond with the tips of our forefingers touching and the tips of our thumbs touching. Obviously, oblivious to what this was for we did it instantly. Then he told us to assume the press-up position keeping that diamond shape of our hands and have them under our chest.

Then he proceeded to introduce us to the world of pain that is diamond press-ups on hard gravel whilst it’s raining. Yay.

It went something like this: “Lower….. Raise. Lower…. Raise. Lower…. Raise. Lower…. Raise” for about 20 or so times. Then some of this: “Geez, you guys must love being punished!! KNEES OFF THE GROUND!!!!! Lower…. Raise”.

It was quite intimidating… But you learn quickly in the Army.

Once we were finished there we were instructed to head back up to the Barracks, complete fatigues and prepare Barracks for Barrack inspection. We also had to change into some clothes that would be appropriate for presentations that day.

We rushed around frantically trying to prepare for Barrack inspection. When the Sergeant came through to inspect our rooms, unfortunately some girls didn’t clean their Barracks properly and so the Sergeant racked up 17 points, which meant…. 17 Diamond press-ups. Ouch. By now my abs were starting to feel it.

After that we headed back downstairs to form up in our Platoons and head to Presentations. That day we head presentations from a range of trades including Officer Cadet school, Medics, Firefighters and more. We broke for lunch at about 1200 hours and then it was back into it. Later that evening once we had finished the presentations for the day it was back up to the Barracks to change into our Number Ones then back downstairs to our Platoons to March to the Mess for dinner. Dinner was speedy as usual and afterwards we had to go back to the Barracks and change into our P.T (physical training) gear. Over top of that we had to have our school tracksuits to keep us warm. We jogged to the gymnasium in our Platoons and did some Drill as a whole group once we arrived.

That’s when the bomb (not literally) dropped….

They called out all students who have an injury, asthma or are on any form of medication. I’m currently taking medication for my acne, so I went with the group because even though it wasn’t serious, I didn’t want them to find anything and get angry.
After a while of waiting, a Staff member came to talk to us and said: “Unfortunately guys I have some bad news…” and we were all like whhaat?! Then he told us that if we had any of those things, regardless of how harmless the medication is, we weren’t allowed to be on the ACE. For the 3 people in the group on Acne medication (including myself), we were shocked, upset and angry. We protested and eventually he went away to speak with the other staff about it. About 5 minutes later he came back in an told us that the people on Acne meds were allowed to carry on as usual and participate in P.T, so we were released back into the gym for P.T.

It was a close call and I was very nearly in tears at the thought of being sent home for being on ACNE meds! At least this time I know what the deal is.

Thankfully the P.T session was so awesome it immediately took my mind off the stink issue with meds. The Staff Sergeant from my region was the Staff in charge of this P.T session, we started out by jogging slowly around the gym, sticking to the outskirts. Every now and then or as frequently as he’d like he’d say “Direction, CHANGE!” and obviously, we’d have to change direction. Whenever someone spoke whilst he was speaking or failed to follow instructions, we all were punished. The punishments for this were Bridges (or planks) and Press-Ups. It took a while for those people to learn… so there was a lot of punishments that evening…

During the jogging around the gym, he’d also call out a number, either 1,2,3 or 4. 1 was to crouch down and slap the floor with your right hand, 2 with your left, 3 with both and 4 was to jump in the air. These activities were just an easy warm-up.

From there we got put into ten different teams and were asked to come up with a team name, our team settled on “Zulu”. We then participated in a bunch of different relays which were INTENSE! Very hard out but so, so much fun! Our team worked amazingly together and the support was incredible. We did very well in all the relays which was great 🙂

Once the P.T session was over we headed back to the Barracks to shower and get ready for bed.

It was an awesome day and the P.T session just topped the whole thing off perfectly 🙂 I slept like a charm that night thankfully, and it was good because I was going to need it for Wednesday!!

Stay tuned for the 3rd instalment!


P.S- In other news, I’m considering registering for the Huntly Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd May. Thoughts?

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Army Careers Experience 2010 Recap!!! 3rd Instalment, Army Careers Experience 2010 recap!

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