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Final instalment of ACE 2010 recap!

Day 4

By now we were all really enjoying our time in Waiouru. It was once again up at 6 and into our morning routine, plus Breakfast. That morning we had the BEST presentations of the whole day 🙂 We were introduced to Armed Corps and Infantry!!! Bring on the tanks and big-ass guns!

I won’t share too much details about it because I’m not sure of how much I’m allowed to say about that on here, but OMIGOD, it was amazing. The best part of my entire week and I have never had such an awesome time. I learned so much and gained so many skills and a whole new respect for the talent the Soldiers and Officers all have. Kudos, Staff!

Anyway, after that we headed to the Mess for lunch. After lunch it was time for the fitness test. You guys will remember when I completed the initial fitness test? If not, you can read all about it here.  Well it was time for everyone to redo it. My ankle that I had rolled the previous day on the Assault course was really starting to hurt and I knew that running on it would be a bad idea so instead of completing the test, I was a road marker to direct everyone of where to go.

They were FAST man! The fastest guy was about, 7 minutes 58 seconds or so? At that wicked high altitude, he had busted out an insane time!! That was pretty awesome 🙂

I took pleasure in listening to everything the P.T.I had to say and observing his techniques and the way he taught the class. I was a sponge, absorbing all the relative information.

After the assault course we went to something awesome….

We marched out to the Taylor firing range in our Platoons to watch a firing demonstration by the Staff. It. Was. AWESOME!!! They were incredible! They demonstrated what it would be like if they were in a war on the front line. It was incredible to watch, I couldn’t take my eyes off it, they were so slick and so smooth with their movements and actions… It was totally inspiring.

The rest of the evening was pretty nice 🙂 We went to one more presentation after that which came from two current new recruits going through Basic Training. That was quite cool and quite funny, we asked heaps of questions and learnt some important things for those of us wanting to apply to join.

After that presentation we got the chance to go to the gift shop and buy some souvenirs. I bought a shirt that said “NZ ARMY” embroidered on the front.

From there, we went straight to the Mess for dinner and then to the Conference Hall for the closing ceremony. That was pretty sad, we were all sad to go and we had some fantastic laughs together, all the Staff said a few words about how they think we went. They were all really impressed by our progress and how far we’d come from when we arrived to when we left. We also were presented with our certificates by our regional recruiters, then it was back to the Barracks to complete some final chores and tasks to be ready to head off early in the morning.

I was looking forward to coming home but sad at the same time. I’d really begun to get used to the Army lifestyle and it worried me a little bit about heading back onto Civvy street and not knowing how to adjust back to that. All the same, the Barracks were immaculate that night and all our gear was packed and ready to go.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night for excitement.

Day 5

Day five, the final day… Wow, we were all in a bit of shock that this world we’d become so accustomed to was now going to be tipped upside down as we headed home. I was a bit nervous about going back to Civvy street, I was a little concerned by the lack of discipline and routine that I’d grown to love.
The morning began as usual, up at 6am, straight into fatigues and getting ready for the day. Although this day was a little bit different because we were to remove all the sheets from our bed and our pillow case, fold them all neatly and place them outside our door. We were to fold up all the rest of our blankets and duvet and leave them in a neat and tidy pile at the end of our bed. After that, we needed to double check that all our bags were packed and we were ready to go.
At 0650 hours we were to be downstairs, formed up in our platoons, dressed in our Number One’s to head to the Mess for breakfast.
Breakfast was a bit sad because it was the last one we’d be having there. We marched back to our Barracks afterwards and were instructed to go upstairs, finish our fatigues, make 100% sure our Barracks were clean and tidy and then bring all our luggage downstairs and line them up in our regions.
After that there was a bit of a wait for our buses to arrive, it gave us all an opportunity to reflect on the week and discuss whether or not we’d be joining the Army after the ACE.
At roughly 8.45am, the bus for my region arrived and we were instructed to load our luggage on. From there we had a small wait before we were allowed to get on. Once we did I managed to score a good seat up the front, I love watching scenery whilst travelling.
We waved goodbye to everyone and drove off, we knew that in two hours we’d all be meeting up again in Taupo. I really enjoyed the trip to Taupo, the scenery was amazing and I was able to reflect on the awesome week I’d had. Even though the first two days were really hard, it got easier once you learned the rules and got used to the routine.
In Taupo we met up with the other 2 buses for lunch. Lunch was AWESOME!!! We each got a foot long subway sandwich and a pump bottle of water! Sweet!!!
We enjoyed our food, then we were given the opportunity to say our final goodbyes before heading onwards on our journey. We left Taupo at approximately 11.20am.
Next stop was Rotorua, I slept quite a bit through that leg of the trip, I had much sleep to catch up on that I lost during the week!
After dropping off a few people in Rotorua, there were only a few of us left to head to Tauranga. We were all starting to feel excited about seeing our families again.
We arrived in Tauranga at about 2pm and it was great to pull into the Army Recruiting Hall and see my Mum sitting there waiting for me. We unloaded our luggage, were given final instructions and said our final goodbyes to Captain Copeland and Sergeant Te Kani before we headed our separate ways. Mum and I headed off to get coffee and catch up.
I had a BLAST at the Army, but it felt great to be back with my family.

Army Careers Experience 2010. Challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. It tests who you are and your self-discipline. You learn things about yourself you never knew before.
The punishments are tough but the rewards are great.
It’s not for the faint of heart!

So… Have you got what it takes?

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