Body Image and Self-Esteem.

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I am embarrassed to admit that recently I have been battling with issues surrounding my body image my my self-esteem. I spend a lot of time browsing the internet and passing by photos of beautiful models, and I guess it begun to get to me that I didn’t look like that.

Last night though, after going hard at the gym for an hour in an attempt to make myself feel better, I had a sort of realization… Here’s a short paragraph that I wrote on Tumblr:

“Today I was having a “bad body image” day…

I felt so stink, I see all these insanely beautiful models on here and I struggle to understand why I’m not one of them… I’m never been the girl that people constantly discuss about how beautiful they are, people never do a double-take when they look at me…

But, after my workout at the gym today I realised something.

I’m not tall and thin, but I’m well-toned, curvaceous and healthy.
There’s no need to feel jealous of those women because just because I don’t look that way, doesn’t mean I’m less of a person.
It doesn’t matter that I don’t have legs that go on forever, because I’m smart, intelligent and hard-working. One day, I’m going to seriously make something of myself.
I’m interesting, and people usually enjoy being around me.
I’m extremely determined, and rise to any challenge presented to me.
I’m a loyal friend and a loving member of society.
I’m non-judgemental and open to multiple different ideas, themes and such.
I have the confidence to do something drastic because I want to, and not stress about the consequences.

So you see, I realized that it doesn’t matter that I don’t look like them, because I’m just as good of a person with who I am, myself.”

Even just after writing that I felt better 🙂 But I know that for some people, it’s not that easy to feel better about themselves.
It actually took me many years before I started to develop and healthy body image. In fact, it was really only towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year that it happened.

I’m not sure why recently I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps, but I found a link on the Operation Beautiful website which I found really inspiring and I wanted to share with you guys.

Click here to view the page.

It’s called “20 ways to love your body” and it is FULL of fantastic ideas to get the positivity flowing! There are a few other useful links on the previous page that some of you may find helpful, such as the post about learning to stop “fat-talking”.

I liked the idea of Number Four because I’ve realized that something that tends to get me down is bad hair days with my short hair. I feel more masculine some days and really unattractive. So I’ve decided to create a list of powerful and inspirational woman with short hair, to make myself feel better 🙂

1. Ellen Degeneres. Obviously, she is amazing! She’s a huge inspiration of mine and I love her attitude.


2. Ruby Rose. My second greatest inspiration. She is beautiful, talented, has incredible style and seems like someone I would get along famously with. Also, where she is now, is where I want to be in 6 years time.


3. Winona Ryder. She is insanely talented, an incredible actress and she’s beautiful.


4. K.D. Lang. She’s a brilliant musician with one hell of a voice. I love her individuality and style.


5. Pink. Does this even require an explanation?! SHE’S BADASS!!


I love those 5 woman, and seeing how strong and powerful they are gives me a feel confidence kick 🙂

I hope this post can help at least one person struggling with body image issues!

Feel free to email me for more details, or leave me an anonymous comment on Formspring for me to answer if you wish 🙂

I’m off to Body Combat tonight!!!! Super excited 😀 I haven’t been in 2 weeks and I love that class.

Have a good night!

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