Exercise Addiction.

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I am reading the most amazing book at the moment. I was already reading 2 books but when my eyes fell upon it’s shiny, bright cover with bold lettering, I forgot about everything, issued it out and started reading. I AM HOOKED!


This is the insane, inspiring and amazing story of a man called Dean Karnazes, who had a vision, then set about achieving it. He had a goal to run 50 marathons in 50 different States in 50 Consecutive days. Sounds totally crazy right? I know, I feel exhausted just READING about his crazy endeavour. I’m up to marathon number 9 in his book, and even THAT is an insane amount. Most people wouldn’t even imagine running 9 Marathons in their entire life let alone day after day!

This book contains many useful tips and suggestions for runners or even parents of budding youth. It’s also hugely motivational. Since beginning the book, I’ve just been ITCHING to run, but I know I have to be careful because of my knees 😦

I’ve decided that tonight I’ll go to the gym for a cardio workout of a 30 minute run on the Dreadmill and a 30 minute cycle. I’m mindful of pain and I’ve PROMISED myself that I won’t be stubborn, if it hurts, I’ll stop. I can’t afford to aggravate any injuries at the moment. I’m going great guns with Jujitsu and I don’t want to sabotage that.

A lot of people struggle to exercise and maintain it, but I have to say, I think a lot of them probably don’t give it enough of a chance. When you get into it and start seeing results (e.g. increase in fitness, muscle tone etc.) you start to develop a sort of addiction to exercise. It becomes so that you are unhappy if you miss a day of it. It becomes a way to relax, de-stress and feel good for doing something great for your body.

Exercise is great for people suffering alcohol,drug or other addictions, because they say you can’t fix an addictive nature, so why not replace that harmful addiction with a good one?

I find that when I don’t exercise on a regular basis, I notice a severe lack in energy and I struggle to sleep. I’m miserable, I nap all the time and when I DO start to exercise again it’s really really difficult. I took a week off last week due to a cold (I don’t exercise while I’m sick because I don’t want to prolong or worsen the sickness), and when I started back up on Monday with an easy, low-key Zumba class, I found it extremely difficult to finish because I was exhausted. It pays to keep it up 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to the gym soon so I’m gonna go put my gym gear bag together. Have a great night!



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EARTHQUAKES!!! Training Your Body and Mind.

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