Training Your Body and Mind.

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So you guys know I’m reading “50 Marathons, 50 Days” at the moment, and there is some seriously valuable information in amongst the marathon recaps. For example, one chapter was specifically dedicated to nutrition and the most effective way to fuel your body. Dean Karnazes talks about how his diet consists of mostly natural and organic foods. His logic is that if it wasn’t around in “caveman times” then it’s not worth eating.

I truly appreciate this way of thinking. It made me think of my time in the Army and how I ate nothing but fruit, vegetables and lean meats the whole week, I have never ever had as much energy as I did then. I felt amazing every day and I needed it too to accommodate the hectic schedule we had to follow.

I would love to maintain a natural, organic and low-sugar diet. But as we all know, my sweet tooth is my greatest weakness. I’m trying to “ween” myself off sugar… with little success at this point. I’m trying to train my mind into eating foods that I know will make me feel good, instead of caving into sugar cravings for satisfaction that lasts ten minutes. I wish there was a way I could truly kick my sugar addiction! Sounds lame as, but this is something really important to me.

After reading so much from him, I find this man such an inspiration. I’m so glad to read his chapter about nutrition, I really think this was the little kick to help improve my motivation.

So as my title says, the true challenge in this endeavour is to train my body and mind to eating purely foods that are good for me. I know I can do it, I can do it because I started a savings account a few weeks ago, I’ve always struggled to save, I’ve been forever dipping into past savings accounts so as a result, accumulate ZERO savings. This time, I made the decision to save and I have stuck by it. I have no desire to spend any of that money and I’m EXCITED about saving and the benefits and rewards I’ll receive from that in the long term.

I view this nutritional change in the same light. It’s the same logic, but one’s food and one’s money. I KNOW I can make a lifestyle change, I’ve already proven it to myself. It’s just about enforcing discipline and maintaining it.

I’ll also have to train myself out of expecting a sugary sweet after each meal. It’s a habit now which I think is a large reason why I do it. A change I can make there is to follow a meal with a piece of fruit or other healthy food item. In time, I think it will be entirely successful 🙂

Wish me luck! I’ll have more updates on this in the future. Have a great Sunday night.



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