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Today I finished reading my book “50 Marathons, 50 Days’” and it was awesome! Dean Karnazes is truly amazing. He is the definition of fitness and health, what that man did is almost inconceivable… Not only did he travel across 50 states and complete 50 Marathons in 50 consecutive days, but he then proceeded to turn around (in New York City) the next day and run all the way back home to San Francisco, evidently running the equivalent of 50 marathons, bringing his total to 100, and THEN some (the miles he ran that he initially travelled by bus). It’s not everyday that such an impact and huge level of success is made by one single individual. I think we can all learn a thing or two from Dean- Push your limits, you’re capable of SO much more than you think you are. Get back in touch with nature, the natural state is for humans to be outside and active, staying inside staring at a computer screen for hours is the unnatural state (here is something I need to work on myself). And something that I try to tell a lot of people is that something is better than nothing. If you only have 10 minutes to exercise in your day, USE those ten minutes! An intense 10 minute workout is better than no workout, and all the baby steps add up.

dean_NYCmarathon Dean Karnazes trail running


I’ve moved straight on to my next book called “Marathon Woman”, an autobiography by a woman called Kathrine Switzer, somebody that every single female runner should know.


She revolutionized the Boston Marathon. She was the first ever woman to run it and when she did, a race official attacked her mid-way because it was male-only and she was female. He tried to physically pull her out of the race but she pulled away from him and with the help of runners around her she was able to get free of him and finish the marathon 🙂


She’s a HUGE inspiration and I’m already a few chapters in because I’m already hooked!

Finally tonight before I go to bed, I just want to talk about Angela from Oh She Glows.

I think you should all check out this post. I’ve always found Angela to be a real inspiration, but this post just confirmed that once again. She’s an amazing person! She was out on a long training run for her upcoming half marathon when she witnessed a motorcycle accident. She immediately rushed to help them and in her adrenalin rush, lifted a HARLEY DAVIDSON bike off the two people crushed underneath it.

It was a brave an honourable thing for her to do and I think she should be SO proud of herself.

That’s all for tonight, ciao!


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Training Your Body and Mind. SERIOUS lack of motivation :S

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