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Relationships and Health – How to Invest in Healthy Relationships

Good health is a potpourri of ingredients – good genes, an active lifestyle, a sensible diet, regular exercise, a low level of stress, and a high quality of wellness among other things. One thing that affects health significantly is the quality and quantity of our relationships, but most people don’t take this factor into consideration when they try to improve their health. Over the course of our life, we meet and interact with many people. Some of them touch us more deeply than others while some leave scars that refuse to heal. Some are just ships that pass in the night while others weigh anchor for varying periods of time. And some do us a world of good while others make us want to forget that we ever met them.

Whatever the quality of your relationships, they affect your health in some way or the other. The key to continuous good health is to foster the relationships that boost our spirits and bring about positivity and to eliminate or at least limit the ones that cause emotional distress and stress. So how do we go about investing in healthy relationships?

  • Eliminate destructive relationships: The first step to eliminating destructive relationships from your life is to admit to the fact that they are not doing you any good. Most of us are caught in vicious cycles that make us deny the obvious – we fail to see the truth because we are wearing blinders and are deliberately ignoring it even as it stares us in the face. Relationships that are physically and mentally abusive and that make you submissive doormats, relationships that drain you emotionally and mentally, relationships that take and take and give you nothing in return, and relationships that throw you off gear and keep you more down than up – they’re all worth considering as destructive relationships. Once you steel yourself to eliminate them from your life, once you become strong enough to cut them off for good, you’re well on the way to improving your health significantly.

  • Nurture relationships that improve your wellness: There are some people who make you happy and content just by being in your life. They don’t demand anything of you; rather, they make your life more fulfilling and are there for you when you need them. Very often, these are the people who you don’t acknowledge because they never let you down; you tend to take them for granted. Parents, siblings and close friends may make up this list, and if you want your health to flourish, put in some effort into nurturing these relationships by spending time with the people who love you unconditionally.

  • Look inward for happiness: And finally, and most important of all, don’t expect others to make you happy or fulfill your needs. Look to yourself for happiness and contentment and expect very little so that you are not disappointed. When you minimize your needs, you boost your chance for happiness and self-fulfillment. This reduces stress from your life and improves your health.


This article is contributed by Ashley M. Jones, who regularly writes on the subject of Pharmacist Technician Certification. She invites your questions, comments at her email address:


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