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Short Films

Recently I have had a growing interest in short film. It kind of sparked about a month or two ago and I started watching a few videos on youtube and reading some information on the internet about how to create them, what different kinds there are and what you need. I never bothered to try anything because it all seemed way out of my league and a huge undertaking to get anything done, but when the teacher of my Elective, Digital Film, explained that we would be making our OWN short films throughout the duration of this term, my hopes were ignited. She explained how simple it can be to create just something small with a small idea and have it be up to three minutes long. I also learnt about Stop-Motion film, a kind that I’d never considered before.

We watched some videos in class and I immediately decided that it is a form of film that I would definitely like to have a go at. Here are a few of the stop-motion films we watched in class:

Pretty amazing huh??! These people are so talented!!! I’d give anything to be that talented! I guess it’s all practice and experience 🙂 Maybe I’ll get there one day…

Anyway, speaking of which, today I went out and bought a cute little Polly Pocket set to use for a stop-motion film and tonight I tried my hand at it.




It is SO not as easy and smooth as they make it look in the videos!!! It’s a very long, slow process that involves a lot of tweaking and photo taking. I created a 51 second video and it’s rugged as. It’s nowhere near as smooth transitioning as the ones you see above. I did my best though and did what I could given my lack of experience and aching back, neck and knees. Also, Polly Pockets turn out to be rather difficult to “tweak” :/ It’s hard to get them to cooperate efficiently lol. The hardest part actually was trying to keep the camera balanced and not move anything so that the picture wouldn’t change too dramatically in the wrong ways. Clearly I did not do that well, but like I said, I did my best!

Here’s the video I made:

I sort of gave up in the end. But hey, it’s a start! Right?

I really look forward to creating some more and trying some new ideas. I have a lot brewing and I’m excited to practice so that maybe one day in a few years time I’ll be producing works of art like those examples I showed you.

Do you have any interest in film? Have you ever tried to create a short film before? What’s your favourite short film that you’ve ever seen?

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What I Learnt from “Winning By Losing”

As some of you may know, I’ve been reading Jillian Michaels’ book “Winning By Losing”. I just finished it yesterday and I flicked through once more when I was done to review and make notes on things I needed to remember. I thought I’d post my list on here for you guys to see as it might be helpful in some way. It was an excellent book and really really does help you to gain a positive frame of mind and the desire to make positive change. I like the way Jillian doesn’t make you feel bad about any of your past habits. She gives you the chance to start over completely new and forget the past as the past does not define you. I wasn’t made to feel guilty and self-ashamed about myself, I was just optimistic about the future and the person I’ve made the commitment to become.

auckland 2010 108

  • Shop the perimeter of the supermarket. This means fruit, vegetables, skim milk and lean meats.
  • Become familiar with the way my body feels and responds to particular foods.
  • Keep a food and exercise journal to plan meals, record what I eat and plan workouts according to Jillian’s recommendations.
  • Keep up with my goals. Put them somewhere I can see and be reminded of them.
  • Learn to make healthy food substitutions.
  • Aim for 60 minute workouts
  • Speak to people to help improve my support network so they’re aware of what I’m aiming to achieve
  • Focus on behaviour modification, e.g. Don’t bring money to school so I won’t be tempted to buy junk food
  • Rearrange my bedroom and life to suit the changes and help me get in and stay in the right headspace
  • Perfect organisational skills to be able to fit everything into my life
  • Count calories for the first 4 weeks or so to help me develop good habits
  • “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”, I can’t eat junk food if it’s not there
  • Focus on strong women in society as role models. There’s a strong woman in every area
  • Remember to reward myself
  • Make checklists to prioritise
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different forms of exercise and different foods
  • If I slip up or fall off the bandwagon, don’t throw in the towel completely, get straight back into my usual habits and routine
  • If I feel like snacking mindlessly, as myself if I’m truly hungry and do I actually NEED food?
  • Make decisions about things in my life that may or may not be conducive to success
  • Put in the work now and reap the rewards later
  • Learn to cook for myself and how to shop for the right food
  • Get up earlier to fit more into my day
  • Refer back to book if I’m lacking motivation
  • Make time for myself, so matter what it takes
  • Cut back on computer and internet time

So there you have it! It’s a long list but it’s helpful to me. I wrote up my goals on a big piece of A3 paper and put them on my bedroom wall where I can see them everyday to help keep me motivated. I also totally cleaned my room and downgraded my bed from a king to a single!! I’ve been sleeping in a queen or a king for two years, so it’s a big of an odd transition, but I’m really happy and I achieved my aim of helping to feel like my mind is less cluttered. I also feel more independent now… oddly enough. It’s like it’s symbolic that there’s only room for myself in my goals.


This morning I went to the gym to do my first ever Jillian Michaels style workout. I worked my lower body and IT KILLED ME!! (In a good way ;] ) I was achin’ afterwards! My legs still feel like jelly and I’m so tired that I’ll go have an afternoon nap after this, but I can definitely see how her clients and the biggest loser contestants have such incredible results. Tomorrow I’ll focus on my upper body and then Sunday will be a cardio session.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday afternoon!


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Exciting Holidays!!!

Apologies for being absent over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been seriously preoccupied with my AMAZING holidays that I’ve been having 😀 I came down to Hamilton on Monday (one week ago) and spent three days with my Nana and Poppa, and a glorious three days it was…

When I arrived in Hamilton I was really reaaallly sick with some sort of Flu. I was having horrid symptoms and the bus trip over was tedious and I felt really nauseas from the flu, it was so so nice to go to Nana’s and have a nice, delicious hot meal waiting for me and have someone to take care of me. I loved the relaxing and quiet environment, it was a really great was to relax and de-stress after one incredibly hectic term.

On Thursday I went up to Auckland with Mum, Mark and my friend Lily to go to Rainbows End (theme park) and Ice Skating! Here are some photos of the highlights:

 auckland 2010 004

The Arcade.

auckland 2010 006

Lily and I waiting in line for the Bumper Cars.

auckland 2010 008 auckland 2010 011

Lily and I waiting in line at the Motor Boat rides.

auckland 2010 026 A super cute photo of Sam!

auckland 2010 029

A super excited me to be going to the Log Flume after not having gone on it since I was a small child.

auckland 2010 030 Seeing Candyfloss be made.

auckland 2010 031  auckland 2010 032

Sam and his ENORMOUS candyfloss.

auckland 2010 034 The Gold Rush ride.

auckland 2010 035 Lily and I racing against each other in the Arcade.

auckland 2010 040 

Then I decide to face my crazy-intense fear of heights and do the unthinkable…. Ride the FEAR FALL!

auckland 2010 041As you can see I wasn’t overjoyed at the thought…

auckland 2010 042

That’s at the top. 18 STOREYS!!

auckland 2010 063

A photo I took that I love of the Roller Coaster.

auckland 2010 073  auckland 2010 075

We saw some AMAZINGLY talented Asian acrobats.

After Rainbows End we headed off to our hotel to relax and decide what we were going to do for the rest of the day and what we were going to have for dinner. We ended up walking about 3 Kilometers from our Hotel to the supermarket to get heaps of eats. I won’t recall what they were because they weren’t overly healthy… Haha.

Here’s the view from my room in the Hotel:

auckland 2010 077 And the next morning…

auckland 2010 081 

We went ICE SKATING too which was an all new experience for me, I’ve never ever been before. It was freeezing inside, much colder than I expected, and it was an amazing environment to be in with professional skaters skating around and small children who’d had a lot of practice and were really really good.

auckland 2010 083  auckland 2010 084

 auckland 2010 085

We were pretty excited to get on the Ice 😀


auckland 2010 087

I wasn’t very good… Lol. Mum said I needed to work on my “Gracefulness”

auckland 2010 093

We all enjoyed ourselves, and we were offered a free lesson…

auckland 2010 094

It was quite helpful and I learnt a lot. We also got an awesome demonstration from the Coach who’s a New Zealand Ice Skating Representative!! 😀 I was happy to leave though, I’d had enough of it.

We returned back to our Hotel room for lunch and then Mum, Lily and I went to Queen Street to go shopping. I experienced the incredibleness of my new favourite shop… Real Groovy. It is AMAZING!!!! It sells books, DVDs, Clothing and a whole bunch of other random stuff that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The books, CDs and DVDS that they sell are things that nowhere else stock, so they have really rare items. Within the store there’s a vintage clothing shop called “Peachy Keen” and they sell absolutely incredible vintage clothing. Once we left we headed to another Road to find the other Peachy Keen store to shop for more clothing. I bought the cutest little vintage sweater I’ve ever seen. Later that afternoon we went to see Shrek Forever After in 3D and it was really good! I highly recommend it 🙂


I came back to Hamilton on Saturday morning and stayed the night with Nana again, then I went to Dad’s on Sunday and we went to go see Hamilton Operatic’s Miss Saigon and it was AMAZING!! My friend was in it and I was so happy to be able to go and watch him perform.

Today I went shopping and bought a great pair high-waisted shorts which I’m very very happy with and a nice warm jersey/jacket which I haven’t removed all day. I have so many awesome jackets, I think I may be obsessed lol.

Anyway, that’s the basic catch up of what I’ve been up to these holidays. I’ve recovered from the Flu happily enough and I plan to spend the next few days with my head down, studying for exams and completing two huge research projects that are due back at the start of term 2. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your holidays!



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