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There was some drama in my household today regarding these three:

The Victim.


The Culprit.


The Hero.

Since we got our new Puppy, Coco and Jazz have had a few altercations. Jazz isn’t tough enough to put Coco in her place and teach her a lesson about not messing with her, so Coco has taken to tackling Jazz, pinning her down and then proceeding to try and eat her… :/ This never happens to Lulu however because she very swiftly established the pecking order with Coco the day we got her, but as I said, Jazz isn’t that tough.

Lately Coco has been becoming more and more aggressive towards my baby Jazz and it’s been a growing concern to me coz as the Pup gets bigger I fear she may do some real damage to my poor kitty 😦 Today was particularly bad, Coco just wouldn’t let Jazz be and she kept chasing after her and trying to bite her and when I’d grab hold of the dog to let the Cat run, she’d just stay there! So there wasn’t very much I could do, even attempting to separate them wasn’t really working :/ So anyway, eventually it got too much for Lulu and she’d been sitting on her chair watching this injustice happen, and then she did something I have never ever in the whole 8 years that we’ve had her seen her do… She leapt off her chair (which is astounding in itself due to the fact that she can’t even jump up on the couch anymore due to her being obese lol) with such force it sent it flying across the room, and ONTO THE DOG and went CRAZY!! She had all her fur spiked up and it was a blur watching her attack the dog, complete with hisses and loud meows. The dog was terrified and when she finally managed to escape she ran whimpering to my Mum.

I hope that teaches her!

Mum and I were really glad because Coco has nearly killed Jazz and finally I hope this teaches her that EATING CATS IS BAD!!! It was so cute watching Jazz go to Lulu and let her lick her head. They have the cutest little relationship. Lulu really is a special cat though, she seems to actually have some sort of motherly instinct. I remember when my brother Sam was a new baby, whenever he’d cry she’d go to him and lick his head for ages until he stopped crying. SO CUTE.

It was awesome to see her sticking up for Jazz ^.^

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