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Daylight savings is finally here!

WOOHOOO! I am SO glad that it’s finally daylight savings 😀 I love a few extra hours of light in the evening, you can get so much done! I spent most of my day doing this:

gardening   pizza 003 gardening   pizza 004 My step dad and little brother have gone away to Hamilton today so Mum and I made a day of gardening and getting the garden sorted. I worked on that ugly patch of dirt with weeds and what-not (the photo was taken RIGHT at the beginning before I had time to make much of an impact) and around the back in the vegetable garden. I spent collectively about 2 hours gardening today and about 2 out and about shopping for things for the garden with mum.

We went to the garden centre and bought $10 worth of brightly coloured flowers for me to plant in the area pictured above as well and seedlings of veges to plant, potatoes to plant, compost and potato food. I also bought 2 new pairs of shorts because believe it or not I had NONE! I only had my P.E shorts which are way to small for me now.

I made fresh lemonade this morning so it would be there for us to drink this evening because I knew we’d be fairly parched after gardening. I was very pleased I did as well when we finally came inside at 6.20pm and I had the chance to scull back a cool drink. I absolutely love the flowers I planted, just check out the beautiful colours!!!

gardening   pizza 008 gardening   pizza 009 gardening   pizza 011 gardening   pizza 012
I pulled out all the weeds, got rid of the dead flower heads and pulled out some of the unruly plants that were taking over the space. It felt so good to see the garden looking nicer and cleaner with new, pretty flowers. I think I have a thing for gardening ^.^

I cooked the most delicious pizza for dinner, I used this recipe from I was AMAZED at how it came out and it tasted sooo good! I cooked it for mum and I. I wasn’t vegan because I used cheese, but I didn’t mind.

gardening   pizza 019 gardening   pizza 030 It was so good and I would thoroughly recommend this recipe to anyone wanting something quick, easy and tasty.

Anyway, I’ve got a looong road trip tomorrow to Auckland and back in one day with mum to pick up my Granddad so I’d better get some rest. I plan to do some yoga in the morning to loosen up my joints (which will undoubtedly be very stiff) and prepare for a total of 8 hours in a car.


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