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Nigella Lawson, Julia Child and Chocolate Spice Muffins

Sorry for being M.I.A as of late… I’ve been absolutely flat out, run off my feet all week and I’ve been too exhausted to do anything in mu spare time. I’m working at the local newspaper this week as a reporter and the hours are long and the work gets taxing. I enjoy it, but it is quite tiring.

I came home sick yesterday afternoon with a headache, nausea and a cold. I was glad I did, I passed out on the couch for two hours to help ease my headache and catch up on 4 days of lack of sleep. Once I’d risen I baked some Chocolate Spice Muffins from my Cupcakes and Muffins cook book. Unfortunately they weren’t so great by themselves, but I’m sure with some whipped cream and jam they would’ve been lovely.

chocolate spice muffins 011 chocolate spice muffins 014 chocolate spice muffins 012
Last night I was looking up cooking related videos on Youtube and I felt compelled to search for Nigella Lawson. I’m so glad I did! I feel so inspired by her and I love her food philosophy. Even though most of what she creates has your entire RDI of calories in one serve, her food looks like fun to make and would be great to serve at birthdays, Christmas and BBQ’s.


I would love to own one of her cookbooks but I’m too poor :/ They cost quite a lot, so I’m counting on a wicked trademe bargain to get one.

Another cookbook I’d LOVE to own is The Art Of French Cooking volume 1 and 2 by Julia Child. If you’ve seen the film Julie and Julia you’ll understand why this sounds like such a great cookbook. Also, Angela from Oh She Glows used this cookbook to recreate a vegan version of a beautiful food she ate while in Paris. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

julia child mastering-the-art-of-french-cooking-two-volume-set

Unfortunately these also cost a small fortune even on trademe, so until I find a paying job these will sadly be out of my reach 😦

Last night I made pizza for dinner, the lazy and sick person’s answer to dinner.

Anyway, I’m not feeling well so I’m off now, I shall leave you with these amazing Nigella Lawson youtube videos to entertain yourself.


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