Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae

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pizza bread   chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae 016


pizza bread   chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae 014

Oh. My. GOD! If you haven’t already figured out what this shining beauty is, it’s Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae and it’s AMAZING!

I told mum I was going to make her dinner with a dessert that would blow her mind, and I did it! After seeing Nigella cook up a storm with this recipe on youtube the other day I’ve been hanging out to give it a go. It’s really easy too, just 200mls Condensed Milk, 100g Dark Chocolate Chips and 100g Smooth Peanut Butter all melted in a saucepan. Nom nom nom! If you want an easy and delicious dessert option, I highly recommend this!

For dinner I made pizza bread with rosemary, olive oil, garlic and salt.

pizza bread   chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae 003

It was YUMMY too! Took forever though because there was a bit of drama concerning the dough… I’ve never made dough like that before and I was home alone all day today with no parents to assist me. The dough I made first was great! I kneeded it and it became gorgeously smooth and elastic, just the way it should, so I put it outside in the sun to rise without knowing that UV Rays kill yeast… Epic fail…

So my perfect dough didn’t rise 😦 SO I decided to try again with some new dough, but the second batch was disastrous, it was flaky and tough and wouldn’t go smooth and elastic the way it needed to. I got so frustrated I just wanted to throw it out the window.. To top that off, the second batch wouldn’t rise either even though I didn’t expose it to sun!!! Oh well, I used the first dough and the pizza bread actually turned out very nice 🙂 It was crisp and tasty and soft on the inside. Success!

pizza bread   chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae 001
I used the recipe out of my currently favourite recipe book:

pizza bread   chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae 020

It doesn’t look like much but WOW! I discovered this tucked away at the back of my mother’s cookbook cupboard and it’s so full of easy, delectable recipes that I haven’t seen before. I can’t wait to try out more!

Anyway, I’m full so I’m going to go and read more of my insanely addictive book, “Needful Things” by Stephen King. Night!


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