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Day 5, 6, 7 and 8 catching up.

So I know I’ve been away from the computer for a few days but it’s for good reason, I promise.

here’s the catch-ups for the 30 day challenge:

Day 5- Your Favourite Quote

There’s only one thing that cuts through all our realities and that’s love the bridge
between all our differences.

From The L Word.

Day 6- Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So here’s a photo of my new love- My plaid shirt. Oh and my accidental but awesome hair colour.


Day 7- A Photo That Makes You Happy


Day 8- A photo that makes you angry/sad


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Day 4- Your Favourite Book

There is no hesitation in answering this one.

l_edb73652b96342878c6ce23d4598a482 What else would it be? After all, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite band, Anthony Kiedis is one of my favourite people… It’s a perfect combination 🙂

This book makes me feel liberated and free. It sort of awakens your inner rock star, makes you feel proud to be a woman after reading about how much Anthony adores ALL woman and their beautiful bodies, and kinda makes you want to go trekking through Thailand.

As an already serious AK fan, I felt I could really connect with him on a deeper level after reading his innermost thoughts and feelings. I also felt as though it helped me improve my song writing skills (even though I’ll never share them with you on here sorry haha), Anthony inspires you to think deeper and recognize things and aspects of life that you don’t notice on the surface.

I swear this book changed my character a little bit. It really transformed the way I think and my outlook on life.

Best book ever.

read it.


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Day 3- Your Favourite Television Program

Up until this year, my favourite TV show has been the infamous Sex And The City. I just love the narrative of Carrie Bradshaw and to listen to how each woman addresses her relationship, lifestyle or fashion woes. I love the bond that each of the girls have with each other and I just love the fashion! I loved the first SATC movie and I am jumping out of my skin in anticipation of the second one 🙂


HOWEVER! My love of Sex And The City has been compromised by the all new (well, sort of) season of….


That’s right. Another scandalous, dramatic, fashion-centred, New York City based show.


I’m not sure what I love so much about this show, it could be the fashion, it could be the New York City surroundings, it could be the glamorous and exciting lives these upper-east siders live. Whatever it is, I’m hooked and the second season is a thousand times better than the first.

My favourite character is Vanessa. I think she’s just so cool and chic and really has her head screwed on straight. I love her attitude and style and she’s the kinda person I wish I was and hope I’ll be in my next life…

GOSSIP GIRL Gossip-Girl-3x02-Vanessa-Abrams-Promo-09  I wish my life existed in Gossip Girl. I wish I was Vanessa!


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Day 1- Your Favourite Song

Anyone who knows me will be aware of just how difficult this question is for me to answer. I love so many bands and truly appreciate each and every one of them and the music the create.
Amongst my favourite bands are: (first and foremost) Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beirut, Radiohead, Guns N’ Roses and more.

It’s hard to define any song as a “favourite” because each of the songs I enjoy are enjoyable because they each create different emotions in me and stir up new thoughts and feelings. Some make me nostalgic, some make me sad, some make me happy and some make me laugh.

So instead of stating just one favourite, I thought I’d list a few of my favourites (in no particular order):

1. Nude- Radiohead. In short, this song makes me feel relaxed, takes me to my happy place and makes me feel incredible comfortable just the way I am… It’s a hard thing for another to understand, but it’s an amazing feeling.

2. Wet Sand- Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are my favourite band, that’s something I just won’t compromise. This song is a melancholy song that reminds me of my best friend Emma. When I listen to it I feel like I’m sitting on a rock down and the heads in summer time with wind blowing through my hair and Emma by my side.  It also reminds me of why I love Anthony Kiedis…

3. Don’t Forget Me- Red Hot Chili Peppers. This song makes me sad and want to cry just a little bit… But it’s special because it helped me get through a LOT of emotionally challenging times. This song reminds me of Tommaso, my Italian Exchange student brother who we hosted for 5 months last year. I was distraught when he left, and this song reminds me of him. Anthony has always been there to guide me through to the sunny side.

4. You’re So Cool- Hans Zimmer. This is the theme song to one of my favourite movies, “True Romance”. It makes me think of love, affection, hope and optimism. I listen to this whenever I’m having a bad day and it helps cheer me up just that little bit.

And there you have it! My top four favourite songs. I’m sure there are others, but I’ll be here all day listing them 😛

Every one of the songs I love have a special and personal meaning to me that spark emotions inside me. I can relate them back to any experience I’ve had, some good, some not so good. But hey, that’s what make them interesting 🙂

Drop me a comment with your thoughts or your favourite song/songs. I’d love to hear 🙂


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