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Successful Ultimate Vegan Oatmeal Cookies :D

baking!!! 025

This afternoon Kristine and I made Vegan Oatmeal Cookies using the Oh She Glows recipe 😀

baking!!! 036baking!!! 029  baking!!! 032 
baking!!! 034 baking!!! 020

They were delicious.

Following that we played with animals.

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Two posts in one day, far out I’m on a role! 

September 15, 2010 at 3:56 am 1 comment


There was some drama in my household today regarding these three:

The Victim.


The Culprit.


The Hero.

Since we got our new Puppy, Coco and Jazz have had a few altercations. Jazz isn’t tough enough to put Coco in her place and teach her a lesson about not messing with her, so Coco has taken to tackling Jazz, pinning her down and then proceeding to try and eat her… :/ This never happens to Lulu however because she very swiftly established the pecking order with Coco the day we got her, but as I said, Jazz isn’t that tough.

Lately Coco has been becoming more and more aggressive towards my baby Jazz and it’s been a growing concern to me coz as the Pup gets bigger I fear she may do some real damage to my poor kitty 😦 Today was particularly bad, Coco just wouldn’t let Jazz be and she kept chasing after her and trying to bite her and when I’d grab hold of the dog to let the Cat run, she’d just stay there! So there wasn’t very much I could do, even attempting to separate them wasn’t really working :/ So anyway, eventually it got too much for Lulu and she’d been sitting on her chair watching this injustice happen, and then she did something I have never ever in the whole 8 years that we’ve had her seen her do… She leapt off her chair (which is astounding in itself due to the fact that she can’t even jump up on the couch anymore due to her being obese lol) with such force it sent it flying across the room, and ONTO THE DOG and went CRAZY!! She had all her fur spiked up and it was a blur watching her attack the dog, complete with hisses and loud meows. The dog was terrified and when she finally managed to escape she ran whimpering to my Mum.

I hope that teaches her!

Mum and I were really glad because Coco has nearly killed Jazz and finally I hope this teaches her that EATING CATS IS BAD!!! It was so cute watching Jazz go to Lulu and let her lick her head. They have the cutest little relationship. Lulu really is a special cat though, she seems to actually have some sort of motherly instinct. I remember when my brother Sam was a new baby, whenever he’d cry she’d go to him and lick his head for ages until he stopped crying. SO CUTE.

It was awesome to see her sticking up for Jazz ^.^

306 513

August 24, 2010 at 2:04 am 2 comments

SERIOUS lack of motivation :S

I have a massive problem. It’s Autumn/Winter, and as with this time every single year, my motivation for exercise decreases dramatically. I hate the cold, it’s a fact of life with me, and so evidently when it’s winter I can’t imagine anything worse than leaving my lovely warm, dry, well-insulated, fire-heated home to go outside in the freezing cold (and quite often pouring rain) to exercise.

I have not been following my usual routine and have actually only exercised ONCE this week. That is so unlike me!!! (Well actually, if you think about my history with cold temperatures it’s not really). I feel terrible because I know I should be exercising, my BODY wants to exercise but I just can’t get my brain in gear!!! I forced myself outside and actually enjoyed a nice run the other day but my knee’s hurt so bad, they throbbed for two days afterwards. I don’t think I’ll be running this winter….

I’m gutted that the pool is closed down for renovations because I feel like swimming. Weird because I hated swimming in summer, but I really feel like just jumping in the pool and doing laps for an hour or two.

Today I kinda had plans to go outside on the bike and spend one full day just being outside and cycling around wherever the wind takes me… But it looks like the forecast is for rainy patches today and I’m in no mood to get soaked.

While I’m battling with this motivation crisis, I’ll really have to watch what I eat. I gain weight suuuper easily and I’ll need to monitor my food more carefully to make sure I’m not getting more than I need. So far I’ve been doing badly in that department too… 😦

Man… I need serious help. Can anyone help me!?! Or link me to people/websites that can!?!?

I would really appreciate it!!!

Now, to end on a nice note, here’s a photo of me having cuddles with one of the Pug pups last night.

035 038


Please help me if you can. Other than that, enjoy your weekend!


May 28, 2010 at 8:24 pm 1 comment

Visit to the Pug Puppies!!

This afternoon, Mum and I drove through the pouring thunderstorm to go visit the beautiful little Pug Puppies 🙂 It was SO WORTH IT!!! Check out some of the photos of the beauties:

066 059 071 074 087 092 097 102 105 106 108 115 121 130

How cute are they?!?!?? I was hanging out all day for our visit and it MORE than met my expectations 🙂 Haven’t they grown since I first saw them?? I’m such a huge animal lover, it’s heaven for me to play with cute babies 😀 I can’t wait to get my own puppy one day.

Hope you’ve all had a great Saturday! I’m working all day tomorrow 😦


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First “proper” day of holidays.

Yesterday I had big plans for the day, seeing as it was my first real day of holiday. I was going to get up, eat a solid breakfast, get my hair cut, come home and change, walk/run the bird walk and then go to the gym for a Body Combat session in the afternoon.

The only thing that actually happened was the hair cut lol.

I really like it. I asked for something a little softer and more feminine. I also wore a dress yesterday!



Anyways, I ended up spending the day at Emma’s house which was cool. We watched a hilarious Cheerleading film which name I forget. But the main guy in it was SO FUNNY!

I also spent heaps of time taking photos of Emma’s new kitten, Ziggy Marley.











Anyways. I better get off the computer and go do something interesting.


April 14, 2010 at 12:25 am 2 comments

I don’t think you’re ready for this cuteness.

Honestly, you better prepare yourself….

LOOK what Mum, Sam and I got to visit today…



025  026


I honestly died and went to Pug Puppy HEAVEN! 😀

Friends of ours breed Pug’s and these babies are just 9 days old! They invited us over today to meet them for the first time. I took so many photos of the sleeping beauties 🙂 I thought they were incredible and beautiful and gorgeous but I don’t think I could have my own Pug. They require such an enormous level of commitment. They’re like caring for a new born baby. And I’m not just talking about the puppies, the adults too require a lot of attention. They follow you EVERYWHERE and can’t be trusted when they’re left alone.

I enjoyed spending this afternoon with them though 🙂 Meet the proud parents, Daisy and Harry!

036 Above is Harry, and below is Daisy 🙂


We enjoyed some cuddles and tricks with them.



Then it was back to the babies!

034 046

My brother had a great time 🙂


(Harry the pug actually really liked him. He barely left him alone all afternoon!)

039 I had a great time cuddling the fat sausage-like babies too.



To give you more of a perspective on how small these babies are, here’s a pen next to one that is looking super cute all curled up sleeping ^.^


Aren’t they cute?!? It’s insane!!! Mum and I are sure to be back in a couple of week when they’ve grown up a bit and are able to start playing. I’ve heard that that’s when they’re at their cutest. I can’t wait to snap more photos of them!


Anyway, on the way home our car broke down lol. Like, completely. It’s totally dead, the engine’s done with. Luckily it was a beautiful day!




Granddad came and picked up Sam and I and Mum waited for the AA to come and tow our car home. QUITE a way to finish a good day! I was happy to get home so I could blog all about the gorgeous Puppies 🙂
Today Mum also made bagels which I forgot to photograph 😦 But they taste great!

I was going to go for a run today but I’m vastly running out of time. Ellen is on in an hour and I can’t wait! If I have enough time after that I might go. This day ended up being more jam-packed than I thought. Maybe I’ll just take a rest day?

Tomorrow is the opening of the relocated gym I go to so I’ll be going there to check it out.

Catch you later!


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