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Work hard, reap the rewards.

I have had one of the best days of my life today. Well, best afternoon to be more precise! Today I found out something so exciting that made me jump up and down and smile non-stop for hours. My friend told me he’d seen another piece of my writing published in the New Zealand Herald College Herald!!! At first I was really confused and thought he just meant the last piece I had published, but then he was like “the one about your Grandma” and instantly I knew he wasn’t joking because how would he have known? After our year 11 and 12 class plays (which were great by the way) I stopped by the supermarket with mum on the way home and bought a copy of today’s Herald and this months issue of Girlfriend magazine which I’d been told I was going to be in (exciting coz I actually got to write my own story). I told mum that if I become successful in Journalism it’ll probably become quite costly for her haha.

Sure enough, I opened the herald and found this:

027 026 
This has been particularly exciting for me as Breast Cancer is something so close to me as I’ve lost my Grandmother and currently have a very close (and young) relative battling it. I’m trying to help raise awareness and for that to be in the New Zealand Herald just meant so much.

Secondly, I was super stoked to firstly just be in the same issues as Katy Perry! hahaha, that sounds ridiculous, but I think she’s amazing.


I opened it up and saw my piece and it looks so beautiful and so bright and colourful 🙂 I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I also got some part-time work in the holidays at the local Newspaper!!!! EXCITEMENT!!

Not bad for a days work, eh? 😉

In other news…

My mother bought the most incredible… amazing… beautiful contraption I’ve ever seen in my life.

018 020

It is funky and awesome and retro and rides like a dream! I took it for a 40 minute bike ride the day mum got it and it was amazing. It was the best exercise I’d had in ages because I was so content and happy and relaxed. I was just taking my time, enjoying the sunshine, watching people garden, walk the dogs, little kids play hide and seek as well as enjoying the beautiful smells of spring and fresh flowers blooming. Nothing could ever compare to the happiness I felt during that ride. In my previous blog I talked about ways to make exercise fun and I think this new bike may just be my spring and summertime love. I’m selling my scooter (because I never use it) and will by my own vintage bicycle for myself. If you think biking is lame, then quite frankly YOU’RE the lame one. It is a great form of exercise, fast-paced and extremely invigorating. Be thankful for helmets as well because those things could save your life. NEVER cycle without one. Just read this post on Kelly’s blog to hear exactly WHY wearing helmets is so important.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll probably take it for a bike ride after school, a long one and I’ll just cruise along and enjoy myself 🙂

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Just Write Recap Part 2

Sunday morning was harrrrd to rise from… The combination of two very very late night for me followed by an action packed day was getting to me. Nevertheless we needed to check out at 8.45am so I got up and moving. Showered, had breakfast and packed my bags. Leaving my favourite face-wash in the bathroom accidently on the way 😦
We headed to Global Focus Aotearoa after checking out to do some further research for our podcasts and to finish writing them.

The view from Capital House when we were leaving was pretty cool.

wellington2justwrite 039 wellington2justwrite 040

Upon leaving we stopped to have a group photo.

wellington2justwrite 043

Once we’d written our podcasts some more we went into a conference room to have a workshop on “Eating The Media Lunch” which was all about what to expect when you flick on the news or open a newspaper. After that we went to Access Radio to record our podcasts!

wellington2justwrite 051 
We got a tour of the radio station and taught about what everything is and how it works.

wellington2justwrite 046

My group were really really nervous but it went surprisingly well. After that we headed to civic centre for lunch!

wellington2justwrite 052

We had a feast and then decided to take one final group photo before heading back to Global Focus.

wellington2justwrite 057

Back at Global Focus we had a journalist come and speak to us about their journey to success and things to consider when going into the industry. It was really really thought provoking and enjoyable. At that point it was just about time for two of the group to head to the airport to catch their flights back home. We went through some goodbyes and then they were on their way and we got to talking about potential topics to write about and publishing opportunities. Before long it was time to head to the airport.

I was really nervous about flying home and my flights were both delayed for quite a long time that lead to some stress, but in the end I got home safely 🙂

It was an awesome weekend and an amazing opportunity that I was STOKED to get. I’m off on my P.E Ski Trip now so another 3 days without blogging. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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Just Write Training Weekend Recap Part 1!

I have had the most AMAZING weekend of my entire life! This weekend was the weekend of the long-awaited Just Write training weekend as a part of my involvement in the Just Write project.
For those of you who don’t know what the Just Write project is, it’s a part of the Just Focus network (hosted by Global Focus) which aims to strengthen youth voices on important global issues in the New Zealand media.

10 students were selected to take part after an application process. I was one of the lucky ones chosen!

On Friday night I flew down to Wellington after school, and let me just say that before then I had NEVER EVER flown in a plane before. I was so nervous! I had no idea what to expect and I was convinced I was going to lose my luggage or miss my connecting flight to Wellington.
I checked in at the Whakatane airport and waited anxiously.

wellington#1 002

Eventually it was time to board the plane and after much reassurance from the staff that I would be fine and all would run smoothly, I felt comfortable getting on the plane. It was tiny! It seated 20 people and it was very loud. I was amazed when we took off and looked out the window to see all the land beneath us and I was so stunned at the sight, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and it felt surreal. I also got to watch a WICKED sunset.

wellington#1 007 wellington#1 014 wellington#1 016

The trip went super fast and we landed in Auckland and I rushed to catch my connecting flight to take me to Wellington. It was in a MUCH bigger plane this time- and Boeing 747 and it was complete with flight attendants and refreshments! haha. That trip also flew by (like my pun? 😉 lol) and before I knew it we were preparing for landing in Wellington. I didn’t have a clue where to go and a lovely man who I’d made friends with on the flight took me to baggage claim- bless him- otherwise I would’ve been wandering around like a headless chicken. It was at baggage claim that I first met two of the people involved, Jamie (a team member) and Mel, one of the coordinators.

We left the airport once I’d gotten my bags and we went to collect Hells Pizza for dinner before heading to the Capital House where we were staying. As soon as we met the rest of the team there was instant chemistry. We all got along from the moment we met and we connected in such an amazing way. There was no awkward small talk and we hit it off right away. We had a great dinner and then head to our rooms to settle in before coming back down to watch some short films with powerful messages and to eat some delicious fair trade chocolate 🙂

The view of the Wellington lights from my room was AMAZING!!! I tried to capture it on camera but it doesn’t even come CLOSE to doing it justice.

wellington#1 018 wellington#1 019

Watching the movies was great and they held some really really powerful messages. We all talked about a lot of really huge issues that related to the messages in them and didn’t end up getting to bed until 11.30!!! I slept solidly and was up early the next day to prepare for the action-packed day ahead.

Here’s a day-time view from my room:

wellington#1 021 wellington#1 022 wellington#1 023

We got straight into things at 9am in our conference room which looked like this:

wellington#1 024 wellington#1 025 wellington#1 026

We started with a session on Globalisation and how we’re involved, also the key word: Interconnectedness! I could go on for pages on each session, but for the sake of my time and yours I’ll keep the main points pretty simple.

After that we had a workshop on writing basics, things like how to actually WRITE a piece. Relevance, audience, tone, structure and tone. Following that we had a workshop on writing basics part 2 which included interviewing people and researching.

Then we had a session on learning about the Official Information Act and how we can utilise that to the best of our ability. Each workshop ran for 1.5-2 hours and in between we ate LOTS of food.

like this: (my lunch)

wellington2justwrite 001 wellington2justwrite 006
We were fed so well the whole day with scones, cake, what you can see above and more! It was a feast at every meal!

After lunch we decided to get some fresh air and give our minds a chance to recover from the cramming of information we’d had all day. We went for a walk to explore the Capital House grounds.

wellington2justwrite 007 wellington2justwrite 008 wellington2justwrite 009 wellington2justwrite 010 wellington2justwrite 011 wellington2justwrite 012 wellington2justwrite 013 wellington2justwrite 014
Then it was back to work to start planning our podcasts. We had to think of a theme and then branch off from there to think of our own individual podcasts. In amongst all that we managed to lose like, an hour or two and then it was afternoon tea, back to planning and then we had to get ready to go out for dinner and to see a show called “Dog Sees God” at Bats theatre.

We went to see Parliament and have some photos:

wellington2justwrite 026 wellington2justwrite 029
Then we headed to a food court to get some eats before the show.

wellington2justwrite 030 wellington2justwrite 032 
We had quite a wait at Bats before the show started and gave us all a chance to kick back and have some bonding time. We had some good laughs 😀

wellington2justwrite 034

wellington2justwrite 035

The show was AWESOME! The acting was amazing and we all really really enjoyed it. It ended up running a lot later than we expected, but it was well worth it. Once again we had a very late night but an excellent day full of useless information which I think will REALLY help me with my writing which means you can look out for improved articles from me. I’m working on a brand new one at the moment which I’m very excited about.

Stay tuned for part 2 which covers Sunday!

Goodnight, xoxo

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