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The pleasure of walking, yoga noob + social sport?

Yesterday I went on a glorious 4k walk with Kristine and her dog Max 🙂

The weather was so perfect, spring is definitely kicking in! It was so great to actually go for a walk just for the sake of walking. I haven’t done that in months and it was so refreshing. The dog seemed to have a great time and I can’t wait until my puppy Coco is trained to walk on a leash 🙂 I wanted to take either her or my Granddad’s dog Veeta for a walk this afternoon but the sky is BLACK!

So instead I’m snuggled up at home in front of the fire with a cup of green tea and the August issue of Australian Women’s Health magazine.

006 018 017

Oh, and this beautiful face to keep me company 🙂


I would really like to give Yoga a good go, every time I’ve been to a class I’ve really really enjoyed it but I don’t know what classes there are available here in Whakatane. Does anyone have any good classes to suggest or any websites with podcasts I can download with good yoga moves? I’m a total newbie and I’m not flexible at all and pretty horrendous at yoga really, but I love the feeling of satisfaction you get afterwards.


I’m struggling a lot right now to find exercise that isn’t extremely painful with my knees. Running is pretty much completely out of the question now and even long distance cycling. Jiu Jitsu is proving to be painful and a challenge as well, hence why I want to give Yoga a go and start walking a lot more. I might start swimming a bit more too because the outside swimming pool is now open down town. I’d also really love to have a social game of something each week on like a Friday or something. Soccer or Basketball etc, just something fun and relaxed, no pressure or anything. If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email:

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Personal Spring Health Challenge 2010

As you know I’ve had this little unofficial “lose weight, get in shape before December” sort of a challenge going for myself, but it’s been pretty difficult to keep it together and so I’ve decided to make it a little different. However, I do not want to put too much pressure on myself in case I struggle with it but basically this is how it’s going to work:

I’ve a had a particularly bad Winter in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it’s not something you can just snap out of overnight, after all- old habits die hard. Instead, I’m going to make a list of goals and steps to achieve them. They’ll consist of smaller steps to reach the bigger picture because I’m really struggling to get my eating habits in shape. Everyday I’m going to set a mini-goal like “go one day without any junk food whatsoever” and just aim to achieve that particular goal, as opposed to setting a MASSIVE goal like “no more junk food at ALL” because that’s simply unattainable for me. I set these enormous goals and then fail because they’re unrealistic and feel really stink and my self-esteem and self-confidence just plummets… It’s not helpful at all.
Here’s a list of some of the goal I’m setting myself for day to day use:

  • (As above) Go one full day without any junk food, such as ice cream, chocolate, confectionary etc.
  • Be active for at least 30 minutes
  • Do something nice for myself such as a muscle soak bubble bath
  • Get at least 30 minutes of fresh air
  • (For weekends and holidays) Learn how to garden and do it for 1 hour
  • Learn how to cook a new, healthy recipe
  • Try a new form of exercise
  • Take the dog for a 1 hour walk
  • Teach a friend a new form of exercise
  • Attend a yoga class (although they are hard to come by in this small town)
  • Do 1 hour of strength training
  • Go one full day without any beverages other than water (although aside from water the only thing I drink is cranberry juice or Inka [a caffeine free coffee substitute])
  • Implement a proper skin care routine
  • Go one full day without bread (not because I’m against carbs, but because it presents the opportunity to be more creative with my food choices)
  • Try a new healthy breakfast that I’ve never had before

Those are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with and I’ll add to my own personal list when I think of something else. I think these are far more attainable goals that I’ll be able to achieve and as I succeed in these, the bigger picture and the bigger goals will become far more attainable. I’ll also have rewards for success which aren’t food related, things like treating myself to a new bikini or a movie etc.

Oh! Something else I wanted to add to this post is a little nutrition/health tip which was pretty much my FUEL last year/beginning of this year when I was at my fittest and healthiest… GREEN TEA!!! I’m serious, that stuff is like liquid GOLD! It might not taste that great but you honestly get used to it and even start to enjoy it after a while. I love it and usually drink it like it’s crack but lately we haven’t had any and tonight we just bought some new tea bags. I’ve already had two cups in the space of like an hour. It’s so good for you, it’s antioxidant rich, it boosts your energy levels, I found it helped me maintain my weight and I truly believes it even helps with sugar cravings. I’ve also bought White Tea to try and I had a cup and I can’t even tell the difference between it and green tea, but I’ll chug it back until it’s all gone.

Anyways, that’s all from me for tonight folks! Tomorrow I’m spending the day GARDENING and getting our vege garden up to scratch 😀 Very exciting.

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Willpower is a glorious thing

Since trying on the most perfect ball dress of all time, I’ve been really getting back on track with my diet and—when I’ve been able to squeeze it in—exercise. My progress so far has been really good and I’ve felt great about my food choices and amazingly enough, my willpower to stay on track and be fit and healthy is stronger than the cravings I have for sugary foods. These particular cravings are something in which I have battled for the most part of my teenage years… I believe it’s genetic 😉 It makes it so hard to stick to a healthy diet when all you want is to gorge yourself on all the wonders of ice cream, chocolate and biscuits. I’m not sure what’s different about this time, but it’s like as soon as I laid eyes on that ball dress something inside me clicked, and I just knew I wanted to look fabulous in it. I have barely struggled with cravings, only having trouble on Sunday when I longed for anything sweet, be it lollies, cake or plain old chocolate. I treated myself to a small chocolate sundae because hey, we all need to treat ourselves every now and then and I’d done so well. Later that evening cravings returned with a vengeance, but were nipped in the bud the following morning after a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, since it’s the end of the term I’ve been absolutely snowed under with homework. I’ve been 150% committed to getting all my assessments finished and this morning I had a mild panic attack when I thought I may have bitten off more than I can chew with some of them. Because my afternoons, and mornings and intervals and lunchtimes, have been dedicated to completing work I haven’t gotten in as much exercise as I otherwise would’ve liked. Not to worry though because I got heaps of work done today which has lightened up my work load. I plan to get some form of exercise done tonight after dinner, 30 minutes at least.

I’m looking forward to the increase in temperature once spring kicks in a little more and hopefully decrease in rain!! There’s too much!! Speaking of mother nature, my thoughts are totally with the people of Christchurch. For those of you outside of New Zealand (because every single New Zealander should be aware by now), Christchurch is a large city in the South Island that was hit with a 7.1 Magnitude earthquake on Saturday 4th September. It caused massive damage and destruction but fortunately there are no reports of death. It will take years and millions of dollars to rebuild Christchurch and return it to it’s former glory. So many residents have lost their homes and have damaged possessions and are also facing water contamination and power outages. I wish there was something that I could do to help!

Here are a few photos that I got off tvnz:

chimney_car_pgb distribution_centre_pgb grassy_cracks_pgb Little_River_Church_pgb pipes_burst_pgb road_hole_pgb

It’s the biggest earthquake in New Zealand history and I really wish all the best for the people of Christchurch and I hope they find their bearings soon and that things get up and running again.

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The perfect Saturday

Today has been an EXCELLENT day! I’m so pleased because nothing makes Sunday’s when I’m working during beautiful weather worse than knowing I wasted my Saturday (especially if there was great weather). We’ve finally had a weekend with sunshine and it’s so nice, I really wanted to make sure that I didn’t waste the opportunity and instead get outside and make the most of the sunshine and fresh air. I made plans with Kristine for the afternoon so the morning was spent with Mum. I took her with me to look at a ball dress I’ve had my eye on and I tried it on for her. I loved it even more than the first time so we decided to put it on lay-by… So exciting!! After that we went to the business and leisure show and got a few freebies. All in all though this years was a bit of a disappointment compared to last years :/ Mostly coz I didn’t get any free exercise class vouchers haha.  Day 3 of my mission to get in shape and get healthy before the ball has gone swimmingly! I’m so pleased and surprised at my overnight diet transformation. I haven’t had any issues with resisting temptation to gorge myself on high-sugar, high-fat foods like baking, chocolate and ice cream. It’s fantastic!!! At this rate I should be seeing some good results pretty quickly.

After returning from the Business and Leisure show I ate lunch quickly and then once Kristine had come over we head off to do the Bird Walk together. I’m so glad to have a friend who is just as passionate about healthy eating and exercise as I am. I’ve finally found my long-awaited exercise buddy! 😀 Maybe she’ll help me stay out of the exercise rut next winter? 😉

It was a great walk but my legs were really sore from a 5k run I did yesterday afternoon because I haven’t run in a while and so the stairs were rather unforgiving… Nevertheless we manage to have an excellent time, take some photos and get a good work out!

bird walk with kristine 002bird walk with kristine 004bird walk with kristine 006bird walk with kristine 007bird walk with kristine 009bird walk with kristine 011bird walk with kristine 015
Yes, I wear overalls with a Veronicas tshirt and a backpack whilst hiking…

Kristine insisted on drinking the water lol. I did not encourage it haha.
bird walk with kristine 016bird walk with kristine 017

We walked to town from there and then to the video shop where we rented “Boy” to watch when we got home.

I made us delicious smoothies with soy milk, cranberry juice, cinnamon, banana, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. It. Was. AMAZING!!! We watched Boy while we drank our smoothies and it was the best way to relax and rest our legs after walking for 3 hours. I’d been getting pretty hungry too!

I’m working tomorrow but that’s ok because today was awesome ^.^

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did!


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Work hard, reap the rewards.

I have had one of the best days of my life today. Well, best afternoon to be more precise! Today I found out something so exciting that made me jump up and down and smile non-stop for hours. My friend told me he’d seen another piece of my writing published in the New Zealand Herald College Herald!!! At first I was really confused and thought he just meant the last piece I had published, but then he was like “the one about your Grandma” and instantly I knew he wasn’t joking because how would he have known? After our year 11 and 12 class plays (which were great by the way) I stopped by the supermarket with mum on the way home and bought a copy of today’s Herald and this months issue of Girlfriend magazine which I’d been told I was going to be in (exciting coz I actually got to write my own story). I told mum that if I become successful in Journalism it’ll probably become quite costly for her haha.

Sure enough, I opened the herald and found this:

027 026 
This has been particularly exciting for me as Breast Cancer is something so close to me as I’ve lost my Grandmother and currently have a very close (and young) relative battling it. I’m trying to help raise awareness and for that to be in the New Zealand Herald just meant so much.

Secondly, I was super stoked to firstly just be in the same issues as Katy Perry! hahaha, that sounds ridiculous, but I think she’s amazing.


I opened it up and saw my piece and it looks so beautiful and so bright and colourful 🙂 I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I also got some part-time work in the holidays at the local Newspaper!!!! EXCITEMENT!!

Not bad for a days work, eh? 😉

In other news…

My mother bought the most incredible… amazing… beautiful contraption I’ve ever seen in my life.

018 020

It is funky and awesome and retro and rides like a dream! I took it for a 40 minute bike ride the day mum got it and it was amazing. It was the best exercise I’d had in ages because I was so content and happy and relaxed. I was just taking my time, enjoying the sunshine, watching people garden, walk the dogs, little kids play hide and seek as well as enjoying the beautiful smells of spring and fresh flowers blooming. Nothing could ever compare to the happiness I felt during that ride. In my previous blog I talked about ways to make exercise fun and I think this new bike may just be my spring and summertime love. I’m selling my scooter (because I never use it) and will by my own vintage bicycle for myself. If you think biking is lame, then quite frankly YOU’RE the lame one. It is a great form of exercise, fast-paced and extremely invigorating. Be thankful for helmets as well because those things could save your life. NEVER cycle without one. Just read this post on Kelly’s blog to hear exactly WHY wearing helmets is so important.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll probably take it for a bike ride after school, a long one and I’ll just cruise along and enjoy myself 🙂

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Find a way to make exercise fun

Exercise is so often viewed in a negative light. You think “oh I’m too lazy”, “oh it’s too hard”, “oh I can’t be bothered” and it’s really no surprise if you go out there, try to run when you hate running and then come home with a bad attitude. The best way to try and incorporate exercise into your life so it’s a regular part of your lifestyle is to find something you love. Find a sport or a hobby that’s physical and do that. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym everyday and pump out 10k’s on the treadmill or on the stationary bike to stay fit and healthy and see results, and believe me you won’t stick with it with that cycle either. There are loads of fun things you can do for exercise and most of the time you don’t even realise you’re working out! One of my favourites is to go bush walking on a beautiful sunny day with my family or a close friend, I’m very nature-orientated as well as family-orientated so it ends up being a perfect combo for me. I get to see some beautiful sights (especially living in Whakatane, there are SO many beautiful places to check out), catch up with a friend or bond with a family member and get my heart rate pumping at the same time.

Bush walking isn’t the only option though, there’s Zumba if you’re into dancing and I’m pretty sure there are loads of classes in every town/city (I know for a fact that there’s a Zumba class every night somewhere in Whakatane), there’s Pilates which is more relaxed but still a CRAZY INTENSE workout if you’re not so keen on the overly physical side of exercise, take a friend or family member and go for a nice long walk (bring a dog if you have one too, you’ll both benefit) and loads more. You could even go on a leisurely bike ride with a friend and bring a picnic with you, with Summer fast approaching that one would be a really lovely idea. Just be creative and think of ways you can enjoy yourself outdoors rather than inside watching the tv or staring at the computer screen.

Today I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried something I’m not used to and have not done since I was a small child….


There are a few key components that are important for rollerblading:



Drink Bottle


A Snack (that’s a Herbalife protein bar) 


The actual roller blades (I borrowed mine from a friend)


A beautiful sunny day


And a dorky attitude to prepare you for indeed, looking like a dork for a little bit


I rollerbladed along the riverbank and was freaking out because I suck and haven’t roller bladed since I was a little kid so I was basically a beginner all over again. I must’ve looked so ridiculous initially and I nearly fell over while people were watching about three times. I was laughed at but oh well, I wasn’t embarrassed because everyone has to start somewhere, right? No one is perfect at anything first time round and I just thought to myself, hey, at least I’m out here DOING something instead of sitting on my backside at home doing nothing. I ended up really enjoying myself and it was great to see the noticeable difference in my skill level from when I first started to when I finished. I went for just under an hour but got bored pretty quickly. That’s an issue I have… serious boredom :/ I was starting to wish I’d packed my running shoes in my bag so I could’ve gone for a decent run after but I had no where to put my roller blades anyway and I wasn’t wearing running-appropriate gear.

Oh well, you live and you learn. I’ll carry on with rollerblading especially with summer approaching, but for future reference I’ll know to bring my running shoes and clothes along with me 😉

I have Jiu Jitsu tomorrow night which should be good and then Zumba on Friday night which should be super intense. Weather permitting I might go for a 10k run on Saturday, but we’ll just have to wait and see.



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Last night I went to Zumba, a different class from the one I’ve gone to in the past (I usually go to zumba at my gym but I don’t really enjoy it. It lacks that “party” atmosphere), but it was the first class I ever went to for zumba. Remember this post? The first time I went I didn’t really enjoy it because it wasn’t intense enough. I like exercise that really gets my heart rate up and pumping and until last night, I’d never achieved that with Zumba. ‘

Last nights class was awesome! I actually had so much fun and loved (almost) every second. Within the very first song my heart rate was up and I was having a good time, I enjoyed the full hour length first session, and nearly enjoyed all of the second session. I stayed for both sessions with my friend Lily and I think it was a bit much. During the second session my knees began to really really hurt and it made it extremely difficult to give everything my all. I also started to get super hungry and when I get hungry it’s impossible to exercise so I began to drag my feet a little.

Never fear though, there are ways to combat those two problems, firstly: Come prepared with Ibuprofen and Panadol to take either before the first session or halfway through so that my knees don’t hurt and secondly: Eat a better meal beforehand and come prepared with snacks to stay fuelled.

I brought my camera to take photos but I forgot amongst the fun and hype 😦 I’m going again on Monday night (for both sessions) so I’ll try and get a photo then 🙂 I came home from Zumba last night and INHALED my dinner. I could barely wait the 5 minutes it took to heat it up in the microwave, I was so hungry I was about to chew off my arm. I would’ve showered first because I was super sweaty but my stomach just could not wait that long! haha.

I slept like a log last night and was happy to find that when I woke this morning I didn’t have any sore muscles. I was worried I pulled a muscle or something but all was fine 🙂

I would definitely recommend this Zumba class for anyone looking for a fun way to workout. It was the most fun I’ve had working out in a long time. Today I plan to either go to the gym or just take it easy with some Pilates. Maybe I’ll walk the dog and do Pilates? I’d really like to get some fresh air.

Anyway, check out this cool new website. I read about it on Caitlin’s blog and thought it was so cool! It’s called Healthy Living Blogs and it’s a place where different healthy living blogs from all over the world can be listed.

You can sign up to have your blog listed by clicking on the “members” tab and following the instructions.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and it’s only 9am! Aside from Pilates and dog-walking I’ll probably just take it easy.

Here’s a photo of Kristine and I on Mufti Day at school on Thursday. See you guys later! 🙂


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