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What being healthy means to me.

I thought I’d do a video blog for this:

October 9, 2010 at 2:06 am 1 comment


Can you believe that today is the 1 year anniversary for my blog??!? How insane is that??! I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far with blogging, when I first started I barely expected to keep it up for a month, and now it’s been a whole year! I have come so far since I started JennyLikesToRun that it’s mind-boggling. Time flies so fast… To celebrate I think it’s time to take a look over the past year.

In the past year amongst the documentation on this blog I have (check out the “Top Posts” page for the links):

1. STARTED this blog (obviously)

2. Run cross-country with the intention of doing well for the first time ever (the 2010 one is coming up soon as well)

3. Run my first race EVER!

234 255

4. Walked the 18.5k Toi’s Challenge race with Mum

359 375 5. I got an amazing Running Coach


6. I had my first successful relationship… But I won’t post a photo

7. I tried a Green Monster for the first time.. And liked it.


8. I injured my hip and knees really badly and had to stop running


9. I had an AMAZING Christmas in Auckland with my incredible family.

xmaslunch xmasfamilyphoto dadandixmas 10. I went to White Island

steam-craters 11. Turned 16

12. Went camping at the most beautiful campsite in the world and got flooded out.

144 061 13. I got my first part-time job

14. I lived in the Army for a week on an Army Careers Experience

army army2

15. I took up Jiu Jitsu

16. I won a Just Write writing scholarship and travelled down to Wellington to meet with the group (my first time ever on a plane!!)

wellington2justwrite 045 wellington2justwrite 057 17. I went skiing with my P.E class

skiing 026 18. I got my learner licence

19. I went ice skating for the first time and faced my intense fear of heights on the Fear Fall at Rainbows End in Auckland

auckland 2010 040 auckland 2010 093
20. I was published in the New Zealand Herald twice and in Girlfriend Magazine once.

And you have all followed me on my blog! It’s been a seriously exciting year and of course there was so much more too it than what I’ve stated here. I never actually even realised just what a great year I’ve had until now reflecting back over it. I’ve done some really cool things and I’m really blessed to have been given such amazing opportunities. I have a huge project underway right now which will make or break 2010 in my opinion, it’s something that is so close to my heart and if I pull it off will impact hundreds of people… I’ll reveal all eventually 😉

I’ve learnt a lot after one year of blogging. Amongst the lessons, one thing stands out from all the rest: You have one body and one body only, treat it with the love and respect it deserves through proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep and physical activity. It sounds like a massive cliché but it is so so true. If you treat your body with respect then all other aspects of your life will fall in to place.

I’m really excited to enter my second year of blogging, kicking it off with a bush walk with Kristine tomorrow. I’ve got a personal little challenge going at the moment to get in shape before the school ball in December. I’ve had a particularly bad winter in terms of my health and fitness and now I want to whip my butt back into shape so I look and feel amazing on the night. So far so good 🙂

I hope you’ve all enjoyed one year of healthy living blogging with me! This is a really significant moment for me to have made it this far and I couldn’t have done it without the readers. Thank you all so much and I hope you continue to follow me on my journey!


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Find a way to make exercise fun

Exercise is so often viewed in a negative light. You think “oh I’m too lazy”, “oh it’s too hard”, “oh I can’t be bothered” and it’s really no surprise if you go out there, try to run when you hate running and then come home with a bad attitude. The best way to try and incorporate exercise into your life so it’s a regular part of your lifestyle is to find something you love. Find a sport or a hobby that’s physical and do that. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym everyday and pump out 10k’s on the treadmill or on the stationary bike to stay fit and healthy and see results, and believe me you won’t stick with it with that cycle either. There are loads of fun things you can do for exercise and most of the time you don’t even realise you’re working out! One of my favourites is to go bush walking on a beautiful sunny day with my family or a close friend, I’m very nature-orientated as well as family-orientated so it ends up being a perfect combo for me. I get to see some beautiful sights (especially living in Whakatane, there are SO many beautiful places to check out), catch up with a friend or bond with a family member and get my heart rate pumping at the same time.

Bush walking isn’t the only option though, there’s Zumba if you’re into dancing and I’m pretty sure there are loads of classes in every town/city (I know for a fact that there’s a Zumba class every night somewhere in Whakatane), there’s Pilates which is more relaxed but still a CRAZY INTENSE workout if you’re not so keen on the overly physical side of exercise, take a friend or family member and go for a nice long walk (bring a dog if you have one too, you’ll both benefit) and loads more. You could even go on a leisurely bike ride with a friend and bring a picnic with you, with Summer fast approaching that one would be a really lovely idea. Just be creative and think of ways you can enjoy yourself outdoors rather than inside watching the tv or staring at the computer screen.

Today I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried something I’m not used to and have not done since I was a small child….


There are a few key components that are important for rollerblading:



Drink Bottle


A Snack (that’s a Herbalife protein bar) 


The actual roller blades (I borrowed mine from a friend)


A beautiful sunny day


And a dorky attitude to prepare you for indeed, looking like a dork for a little bit


I rollerbladed along the riverbank and was freaking out because I suck and haven’t roller bladed since I was a little kid so I was basically a beginner all over again. I must’ve looked so ridiculous initially and I nearly fell over while people were watching about three times. I was laughed at but oh well, I wasn’t embarrassed because everyone has to start somewhere, right? No one is perfect at anything first time round and I just thought to myself, hey, at least I’m out here DOING something instead of sitting on my backside at home doing nothing. I ended up really enjoying myself and it was great to see the noticeable difference in my skill level from when I first started to when I finished. I went for just under an hour but got bored pretty quickly. That’s an issue I have… serious boredom :/ I was starting to wish I’d packed my running shoes in my bag so I could’ve gone for a decent run after but I had no where to put my roller blades anyway and I wasn’t wearing running-appropriate gear.

Oh well, you live and you learn. I’ll carry on with rollerblading especially with summer approaching, but for future reference I’ll know to bring my running shoes and clothes along with me 😉

I have Jiu Jitsu tomorrow night which should be good and then Zumba on Friday night which should be super intense. Weather permitting I might go for a 10k run on Saturday, but we’ll just have to wait and see.



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