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It’s all happening this week.

I have had possibly one of the most exciting weeks of my life. Remember that College Herald competition that I’ve been harping on about for weeks? Yeah well one of my stories was chosen to be published 😀 I was so so ecstatic when I found out! I also won a $100 JB-Hi-Fi gift voucher!! For anyone who knows this store and who knows me, they’ll completely understand what a HUGE deal that is. I see a new Ipod in my future!! 😀

I found a copy of the paper it was in and photocopied the page. Nothing will ever compare to the elation I felt when I read my name in bold lettering under the title and above the body of a story I’d written, published in a national paper that is read by upwards of half a million people every day. It only proceeded to further solidify that this is what I want to be doing with my life, it’s the career path I’m going to follow.

Guess which story was chosen? THIS one. I’m so happy! It’s the first submission I made and I am quite proud of it so I’m very glad to see that in the Herald. This couldn’t have come at a more convenient time as I will be applying for Wintec at the end of the week. Also, this Friday I am flying down to Wellington to embark on my training weekend for the Just Write project!!! 😀 The time has finally come, and the combination of being published in the Herald and getting the opportunity to be involved in this training weekend should dramatically increase my chances of being accepted.

In other news… Here are some photos I’ve taken recently. Winter is good for one thing and one thing only… Interesting pictures.

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I think I’m going to start going back to Jujitsu as well. I have a new friend who’s interested in going with me so that’s new motivation and potential fun 🙂 I’ll keep you updated.

Hope you’ve all had a good start to August!



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New habits + an unusual problem….

Hey guys!! I’m baaackk 🙂

Did you miss me? 😉
I’ve decided to resume regular blogging since I think I’ve successfully made it “back on track”. I’m very happy with my lifestyle at the moment, and let me tell you.. There have been some major changes!!

Where to begin…!?!

Well firstly, I have taken up JuJitsu. This may be a surprise for some of you, but throughout my entire life I’ve had something of a fascination with Martial Arts and I’ve always wanted to try it, but somehow have never found the courage to be proactive about it. Body Combat was a start for me but I still wanted to take things further. So when I discovered that they now hold JuJitsu classes twice a week at my gym, I was ecstatic and came along to the next class to check it out.


It was a whole new world of exercise and empowerment. There is something so uplifting about knowing you have the ability to flip someone on their back no matter how big or small they are.

I’ve been to 2 classes so far and I’m already hooked. I’m bruised everywhere in places I’ve never been bruised before, but it’s worth it 🙂

Last night I went the extra mile and at 5pm I went to JuJitsu for an hour, then at 6 I headed to Body Combat from 6.15-7.15pm! I was sooo stuffed! It felt great though 🙂 and it’s very satisfying to know that I gave it %100.

I’m definitely going to keep JuJitsu up, it helped me to be so calm and relaxed after a particularly bad day at school. I think that if I keep this up I’ll be able to get through the year maintaining a calm, relaxed mindset 🙂

There are 2 classes a week that I can attend and I plan to go to both, but obviously one of the classes are on the same night as Body Combat. I can make it to both classes if I skip the conditioning for Jujitsu. I’ll be super stuffed by the time I come home from it all but hey, I think it’ll be worth it 🙂 If it’s too much then I’ll drop body combat. I have to pay for that class each week, whereas I can go to Jujitsu whenever for free with my gym membership.

I also went to Zumba on Monday night again! hahaha. I’m sorry, but that class just does not do it for me eh. I tried to like it but it’s just not happening. Think I’ll stick to my usual cardio training on Monday nights 🙂

After the first JuJitsu class I attended my knee’s felt really REALLY bad. I had to take extremely strong pain killers and use a ton of anti-flamme, just to be able to sit down and stand back up again. I concentrated on my technique last night to see if I could alter it slightly in a way that meant less pressure on my knees and I think it worked. They felt heaps better after class last night.

Anyway, in other news…

I have an unusual problem at the moment…

My problem is that in the last 1-2 weeks, I’ve developed a horrible tendency to be insanely fussy with my food. It’s crazy, for example, Feijoas I have loved all my life, and then now I hate them. I can’t stand the smell or the taste, even looking at them turns my stomach! This is so weird!! I can’t understand how I can go from loving something, to hating it virtually overnight!

Other examples are things like waking up in the morning, starving and usually I’ll be craving something and know exactly what I want. But now when I wake up, nothing appeals to me. I’m hungry but I don’t want anything to eat.

I’ve been having this same problem coming home from the gym. I’ll want something to eat but there’s nothing appealing so I won’t eat at all.

I’ve been skipping meals due to this problem and it’s BAD!

Does anyone have any advice on how to counter this? Or help me love food again?!?


That’s all for now folks 🙂 If you have any advice, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. I welcome ALL (positive) comments 🙂

I shall leave you with some photos. I’m off to the gym soon for an easy 40 minute cardio sesh before kicking back tonight, watching the new season of America’s Next Top Model and pulling my Bass guitar out of retirement to see if I can remember any old favourites. Have a fabulous Friday night!

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Taking a blogging break.

As you all will have noticed, my posts have been few and far between lately… This is because I’ve been under a lot of pressure with a lot of things lately and “the healthy teenager” hasn’t been so healthy!

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while just until I can get back on track and get sorted, then I actually have something to blog about. Once I feel confident that that has been achieved, I’ll start blogging regularly again. I’ll give you a full recap on why my habits have slipped and how I got back on track.

Until then, here are some cute videos and photos to keep you occupied 🙂

Have a great day guys 🙂

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Video Blog + Good sounds for your ears :)

Man… Don’t you just love Jimi Hendrix? 🙂 I know I do. He’s so relaxing to listen to, it’s just pure, raw, good music. I never get sick of listening to it!

Anyways, I made a video blog tonight because I couldn’t be bothered typing:

Here are my “creative photo’s” from yesterday 🙂 I haven’t taken one for today but oh well, you get a video instead lol. (below: Emma’s cat Claw)



March 25, 2010 at 3:56 am 2 comments

A Day Of Photography with my dear friend Emma

Firstly, I went to the gym yesterday with intentions of a workout about an hour and ten minutes. Well, I was so so exhausted on the Elliptical, literally YAWNING while I was going. I just felt so tired, like my body needed a rest. I finished my 30 minute elliptical workout, then decided against the rowing machine and went for a swim instead. I had planned to do 30 minutes, but I was so tired, I barely made it to 20. Today will be a rest day and possibly tomorrow too because I need to give my body time to recover properly. I feel like I’ve run a marathon!

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my really good friend Emma. I love catching up with her because she’s the ONLY person in the world I can fully spill my guts to. We have so much in common and we’re pretty darn similar in some aspects.

We met at a cafe where we talked for a little bit, and she presented me with an amazing gift! A late birthday present. I was so touched, especially since she got it because she knows I was sick of only receiving money for my birthday.

She got me some muscle soak bath salts, muscle soak bubble bath, a note book and a cute little Winnie The Pooh pen, so that when I go away camping (this weekend), if I think of anything for a blog post that I might forget I can write it in there!

It was perfect, and I loved it so much 🙂 Thank you Emma!!!!

Anyway, from there we went and got Subway, but it was too full to eat in the shop so we wandered around other shops for a while before deciding to buy a brownie at another cafe and eat our subway there. They couldn’t kick us out for that lol.

After more chatting, more shopping and more food, Emma decided to buy a massive photo album that she wanted to fill up, but in order for that to work, she needed photos.

We decided to go down to the heads and spend some time just taking photos of anything and everything.

Here’s some of my favourite shots that I took for the day:

I took well over a hundred photos, but these are just a few of the ones that particularly took my fancy.

Today I plan to SUPER CLEAN my bedroom!!!! That means, clean out all the junk, throw out all the rubbish, through out any crap I don’t need, clean surfaces, move stuff around vacuum the carpet, etc etc etc. Hopefully my room will be sparkling by the end!

Stay tuned for my post later in the day about tattoos and the difference between “artwork” and “trashy”

Have an awesome day 🙂


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Evening stroll

Ok, before I get to the main topic of this post, I’d just like to show you before and after shots of my arms. I’m so proud of how much muscle tone I’ve managed to build 😀



I am so proud of how far I’ve come 🙂

Anyway, this evening I decided to do something I have not done in MONTHS. I decided to go for an evening walk, simply for the fresh air and the chance to photograph my surroundings.

I really really enjoyed it. It was nice to just take my time, enjoy the scenery, stop to take photos.

At one point, this cat kept me amused for a solid 2 minutes lol.

I was really anxious about knee pain or hip pain, my walk was about 2.5 Kilometers and it took me around 50 minutes (taking my time, dawdling, stopping to take photos etc etc), but I can happily say that I experienced little to no pain! 🙂

I went to the physiotherapist again today. She ended up giving my left leg a massage and then acupuncture. I must admit, I was pretty squeamish with the needles… I don’t know when I’ll ever overcome that silly phobia!

It ended up feeling pretty good once the needles were in place. I was lying on my side and had needles from my feet up to my hip, I was sweating with anxiety at first, but then I started to relax a little bit while she left them in. It felt like this big wave of warmth was continuously washing through my leg.

She only did one leg so I could compare the two and see how it goes, whether it makes a difference or not. I think it has because my leg is already starting to feel normal again 😀

Tomorrow morning I’m starting my day with a gym session. Since I didn’t swim today I shall swim tomorrow for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes on the Elliptical, then maybe 10 or 15 on the rowing machine.

I’ll see you then! 🙂


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My Photography.

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